Autumn Sale at Paulie Antiques

Hi, there! Today is the first day of my store's Autumn sale! (heh.. starting a day earlier than the poster says). If you've never been to my online store, make sure to visit and snag a bow tie because they are only $20 for the next ten days! Thank you so much for your support. I appreciate it more than you know... click here to see the various bow tie designs! If you'd like to support us, we also have a facebook page and a twitter!
love, polly :)

an illustration by a sweet friend..

Thank you to Poohpoophidoo for this illustration of me. It's from this outfit I featured a week or so ago on my blog with a DIY to spice up an old pair of shoes :)
love, polly


Autumn in White..

Thomas Paine was kind enough to take these photos of me last week before it turned too cold to wear this dress for another few months. It was quite chilly but we had fun despite the fact. He also got to see me at my most colorful of times (still in the process of picking an outfit) I'm afraid. I tried on a huge yellow petticoat beforehand which must have scared him beyond belief because I looked like a puffer fish mixed with a yellow cream cupcake. (haha, just kidding!). But we did have fun! Thanks, so much, Thomas!
By the wayyyyyy....
 Did you enter my giveaway yet? I really have some amazing sponsors this month who are giving away some truly amazing prizes! I am so thankful for them.
love, polly :)


September Giveaway!

I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful giveaway this month! Thank you to all of my sponsors who made this giveaway possible.
1. My amazing pal Lola Dee  from Lola Dee Handmade is giving away these beautiful earrings along with this creative zipper brooch! follow lola dee on twitter for an extra entry!
2. Ashley from The Peanut Gallery is giving away a bow headband of the winner's choice! I love the floral one!. Follow the peanut gallery on twitter for an extra entry!
3. My Best Friend Jules is offering a blog face lift design valued at $100! She helped me tweak some aspects on my blog, too! (she works WONDERS!.)
4. I will be giving away one of my bow ties designed and hand made by me to one lucky winner! Follow me on twitter for an extra entry!
1. comment on this post below telling me which item(s) you love!
2. Each person gets as many entries as they can think of as long as it's something creative such as: following any sponsor involved in this giveaway, or tweeting, blogging about this giveaway. Example- if you follow My Best Friend Jules on twitter... that counts as one more entry (and you leave a separate comment! please!) In each extra comment, tell what you've done to earn the extra entries and I'll gladly credit them! Good luck!
love, polly

vegan almond butter pancakes with pumpkin spice syrup and hot apple cider

I made a trip to Curtis Apple Orchard in Champaign, IL yesterday to pick up more of their amazing peaches. When we arrived, they told me peaches were now out of season and they didn't have any more! My heart sunk a little, but I ended up buying pumpkin spice syrup and apple cider instead. I spread crunchy organic peanut butter from Strawberry Fields on top of my pancakes if you were wondering what that was! It was the perfect Autumn treat! I want to make this a tradition every year!. P.S. my Grandmother Kutch bought me this 'Polly' mug quite a long time ago when she owned her antique store and I've treasured it ever since. It's amazing. Thank you, Grandma!
love, polly


a polly pairing

Summer is fleeting and autumn is quickly chilling my bones. I needed a jacket today for the first time... here are some etsy picks that have me missing summer and craving just a few more rays of sunshine before I don't see them again for another four months..
2. these jaw dropping vintage 1940's snakeskin and suede peep-toe pumps! W.O.W.E.E.
3. and they'd have to be paired with these vintage wingtip mustard sunglasses. *sigh* 
I already miss summer. What is your favorite summertime treat?
love, polly 


Scalloped Shorts DIY

Hi! I've had this idea in my head for quite some time and now I've finally accomploshed it! I love accomplishing goals you set for yourself.. it feels so good... doesn't it?.
1. choose a pair of trousers that you don't particularly mind cutting up! 2. measure out how long you want your shorts to be compared to your legs (make sure they are the same length) and cut notches to help if needed. Cut off at desired length 3. pin front and back together and use fabric scissors to scallop (or your own design) the new bottoms (the hem) of your shorts! I used an anti-fray glue at the end to stop shredding and keep things looking tidy. You can also hand stitch the bottoms for a more home made look! Enjoy! 
love, polly :)


a scale, a mirror, and those indifferent clocks..

I've been a fan of clocks for quite some time now. Since my Grandmother Kutch bought me a vintage 1950's working clock purse for my 20th birthday, I haven't stopped thinking about them. This brings me to another artist who is somewhat obsessed with clocks: Conor Oberst. His album, "Fevers and Mirrors" is my second favorite album of his and it deals with the theme of clocks pushing time backward and forward. This is very close to my heart due to the fact that I constantly feel trapped in other eras....
When my friend Binky (who works in the prop shop) left this beautiful dress and some vintage gloves on my shelf in the costume shop... I was confused. After looking at it a second time... I realized it was perfect. It also fits me perfectly! It's just the right dress to layer over my new petticoat from Salvation Army!
outfit details:
vintage leather boots: ebay
vintage clock dress: gift
vintage petticoat: Salvation Army
Vintage 1950's floral pin: Rebecca's Antiques in Taylorville
vintage gold threader necklace: gift from my Grandmother Kutch
vintage blue circular suitcase: flea market in Edwardsville
vintage mustard cloche: Dandelion Vintage
Hope you're having a productive Tuesday!
love, polly

video of the week!

off to school! :)
love, polly


Suitcase Sunday

For this suitcase sunday I thought I'd feature this wonderful DIY (that I adore and plan on re-creating soon!) that I am absolutely enamored with! It's coming from the ladies at Oh So Lovely Vintage!
If you know me or my blog, then you know I am a suitcase lady... Naturally, I was very excited about this DIY!
I found this on Katie's blog. I was just thrilled! I can't wait to try it with some old 1920's fashion magazines I own. Happy Suitcase Sunday!
love, polly


listen to your own voice...

There has been something that has been bothering me, lately... and, it's reading too much advice from other bloggers on what they think you should blog about, and what should be off limits to you. In my opinion, no one should give advice like that. Since it's your blog, you govern the right to say whatever you'd like, whenever you'd like to say it. I just want others to listen to their very own voice and realize (if you're feeling pressured) that no matter what type/style of blog you have... it's yours and that is a special thing. Don't wish you had someone else's blog and start blogging (or not blogging) about certain things to cater to them. I've made this mistake, and it really bothers me that others have, too! Just stay true to yourself and let your emotions pour out...
Of course, having boundaries for your blog is a very good thing at times... and I know I have them. Those boundaries about what you will and you won't say are totally up to you! If you're interested, I'll tell you a little bit about my boundaries that I set for this blog, personally...
1. No cursing 
2. No nudity
3. No bashing other people
I always want to make sure that this blog stays appropriate for all ages to be inspired. I don't want my blog to be off limits or considered rash in the eyes of parents. I want to keep it family friendly... and this is my personal goal. Yours may be different and that is okay! The beauty of blogging lies in diversity.
I love my blog! (and I'm SO not ashamed!) I hope you have a blog that relieves your stress
and it's a happy place for you!!
love, polly


fall hues

When the lovely people at Cloth Magpie decided to send me a purse of my choice I felt honored considering they use vintage fabric for some of their purses and therefore can only make a limited amount of each style of the Bobble Kiss Vintage Dahlia handbags. I chose a design made from vintage fabric specifically, and it happened to be the 4th out of ten that will ever be made (there's a cute little tag inside that says!). This made it feel so unique to me and I absolutely loved getting to browse through their webpage and picking which was my favorite.
Forgive me for the strong color combination, I'm afraid I go a little nut-so in the Autumn because I get excited about how many new things I can layer! :)
I found the handbag fit absolutely everything I regularly needed to carry.. It has a whole lot more space than I thought it would! The color is beautiful, the shipping was incredibly fast, it's unique (only 9 more like it), and the inside is lined with a lovely hot pink satin. Bonus: it's also vegan! (lined in a faux suede trim). This makes me incredibly happy. Thank you so much, Cloth Magpie! I feel very honored to carry your beautiful creation. 
outfit details:
peach capelet- my Great Grandmother Polly
blue wedges- Modcloth
purple trousers shorts- salvation army
vintage cloche- Dandelion Vintage
vintage honey mustard blouse- U of I sale
vintage green gloves- Funtiques in Springfield, MO
love, polly


Suitcase Friends: Guest Post by Maria Elyse

Hello lovely readers of The Littlest Polly! My name's Maria Elyse, from First Impressions! I'm so excited to be here guest posting for Polly! 
I live down the road from a gorgeous lake; I love it on cloudy, crisp, windy days when the sky is grey and the waves reach for the clouds and then tumble back down. I also love Peter Pan, coffee, peanut butter, opera, foxes and swans, writing novels, stories, and poems, and going on adventures. Over the past couple years I've gotten more and more into shopping at thrift stores, which also drew me to a love of vintage clothing and antiques. Really, I always have loved antiques since I was very young, thanks to my Grandma Audrey and her fantastically beautiful collection of antiques all over every inch of her house.
For those of you who are die-hard Littlest Polly readers, you know that Polly absolutely adores vintage suitcases! I just found this gorgeous one a week or two ago at an amazing antique shop. Every time I see it in my room I instantly think, "Polly!" So of course it had to be in this guest post. And I even made my own little bowtie with a vintage scarf! 'Cause Polly loves bow ties, too! ♥
I bought this dress at Target earlier this summer, and it is so Audrey Hepburn. Every time I wear it I feel like I'm in Breakfast at Tiffany's or something, haha. Even if my hair is dirty, or I'm having a bad day, or if I just wear it for an hour. It just has that instant Audrey effect. Love it. Oh, and it has pockets. It's like the amazing turn-into-Audrey-Hepburn-dress-with-pockets. Win? Yes.
I hope you all are having a lovely day! Thanks for having me, Polly! xo Maria Elyse


Visit to Funtiques!

If you've never been to Funtiques in Springfield, MO... you're missing out. It's one of the number one places Elsie and Emma from Red Velvet recommended to visit. Needless to say, it was amazing, and I snagged a few cheap treasures (including long forest green vintage gloves!!!)
I thought it was so neat that this vintage chair had a place for my vintage purse! ha!
I loved this most of all... I am a sucker for dried hydrangeas.
It's raining and nasty here! How is your hump day?
love, polly