Lavish Handcrafted: Jasmine Tea & Honey Shea Soap Review

Bonnie and her daughter Amanda Spaanstra from Lavish Handcrafted were kind enough to send me a lot of their beautiful handcrafted soaps last month and I've been enjoying them immensely. I just finished this particular soap off and I'd like to share the results. I naturally gravitated toward the more natural soaps because I always get scared of how my skin will react. I chose this Jasmine Tea and honey Shea soap and it was so pleasant to use that I used the entire bar! The packaging is beautiful and it exfoliated quite well with bits of Jasmine Tea. I loved the faint smell of Jasmine lingering in my bathroom after I had just showered. Also, it didn't leave my skin feeling thirsty... which is something I am very picky about. I felt like it had just the right amount of moisturizer, as well. I can't wait to review the next soap! Thank you for reading and please visit Lavish Handcrafted Soaps if you haven't already!
love, polly

Song of the Week: Eena Meena Deeka

Ever since I first saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I've been obsessing over Hindi and Bollywood music. I am taking my last general education class this semester and we just finished learning about music from India. We also watched a film on Asha Bhonsle and how she has recorded over 10,000 songs! Needless to say, this is her voice singing "Eena Meena Deeka" as well. 
A documentary about Asha Bhonsle (that I LOVED!!!!):
love, polly :)

Impulse Magazine Release Party

Hi, there! Just popped in to say hello and things have been very busy around here... But I just got a couple of photos from the Impulse Magazine Release party from a couple weeks ago. I got to meet the man on the cover... Timmy! 
picture 1: Katerina Bizios (the creator of Impulse) and I
love, polly :)


layers of the past

I don't really care what anyone else says..... I am preparing for winter with LAYERS. My Grandmother Kutch asked me the other day if I put away clothing from the summer and get out new clothing for the winter. I really don't do that at all. I just layer EVERYTHING! Isn't Fall WONDERFUL! Anyway... I need some new layering ideas for the upcoming seasons... and winter outfits are rare on my blog, so I thought I'd compile them all and maybe I'd come up with some new ideas this winter! Happy layering to YOU, my friends!
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Paulie Antiques Fall 2012 Vintage Lookbook by Anna Longworth

And so begins the Fall season of Paulie Antiques. This vintage look book is inspired by COLOR. No matter what season it is.... you'll always find me styling with tons of color and wearing color. I live for color no matter how cold it is. Standing out from the abyss is something I value to the highest degree. These photos were taken by my friend Anna Longworth.
Models: Jessie Whitman, Hannah, Clara Byczkowski, and Nora McCarthy
*all accessories and clothing provided and styled by Paulie Antiques
(more photos by Nathan Adhikari coming soon!)
love, polly

wandering with the wind: a story of loss

Could that be the last time I will ever see her again? I can barely even write. She left a handkerchief which she embroidered my name on and also a Haiku of Basho poems book. Years ago when we first lived together, she also gave me her cat, Joao. She trusted me with him and I lost him last Sunday in a vast cornfield. After the two week stay with me this summer, she left to pursue the west coast of the U.S. I heard from her about a week later and then no more. She's traveling dangerously via freight trains and hitch hiking all on her lonesome. She hasn't contacted any of her friends or family for quite some time now.... about a month. My mind runs wild every day with what she is doing and hoping she is okay. I've been talking to her sister asking if she's heard from her for the past couple of weeks and she's heard nothing. Emily's new cell phone says it's not receiving phone calls and I have NO idea where she is. Last thing I knew... she was heading to Colorado. I've lost all connections to her but I knew I had Joao. He is an explorer like Emily, too... wild and feral at heart without apology. I pray to the universe every day that it will bring them both back to me... but waiting takes time.. and patience is a virtue worth practicing. Until then, I will read the poems she left me.. and pray for both of their survival. For they cannot be caged... this I know.
Emily and Joao in 2010.
There is a hole in my heart for both of you..... please come back to me.
love, polly


The Littlest Polly featured in Impulse Magazine

I've been keeping a big secret since May of last year..... I've been chosen as blogger of the year in Impulse Magazine! The story is a little crazy because Impulse Magazine contacted me because they were doing student awards and they wanted to feature me... but they also heard about all of my suitcases from my model and friend Jessie Whitman. So I immediately jumped at the opportunity and Nathan Adhikari agreed to shoot some photos of me for the feature. I ended up becoming a fashion stylist for the magazine and I also have one of my bow ties featured in this month's issue as well as some suitcases and vintage accessories! Working for Impulse Magazine is wonderful.... I can't wait to show you more of this new issue being released today and our issues to come in the future! Tonight is the release party... so I'll share photos soon! (and I'll take more crisp photos of the magazine... something is wrong with my memory card reader... so instagram has to suffice for now). AND OF COURSE... I styled my own outfit :) XOXO
*photos featured in the magazine taken by my close friend Nathan Adhikari
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Ben's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Ben! I love you!
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Embroidery hoop fabric art

I knew I had been hoarding these embroidery hoops for a reason! I finally got around to making some and putting them up in my new apartment! I saw this idea on Sincerely Kinsey and had to try it!
love, polly