Paulie Antiques Spring lookbook #2

Good morning! Yesterday afternoon Mercedes and I took these photos and we laughed so much. She is such a free spirit and we really have a lot of fun together... I think it's really important your model is comfortable when shooting photos. The result is so much more natural. Anyway, I made the skirt and the crop top for my Spring 2012 collection featured in the College Fashion Week runway show. I also spray painted the hydrangea in her hair and the perfume bottle is for sale in my shop as well as the earrings Mercedes is wearing. Also.. Mercedes is signed to a modeling agency called Factor Model Management. XO!
Hope your Saturday is loverly!
love, polly :)


Record Store Day 2012

I am so excited when Record Store Day comes around each year... but I can't always remember when it is (it was April 21).
Did you celebrate Record Store Day?
love, polly


outfit: Dry the Rain

Gahh I am so happy that it didn't rain today. It's been so cold and windy/rainy lately that I've been convinced that mother nature has converted back to winter ways. Nothing much to say except it's a Monday and I've been hard at work at school and then updating my shop with more vintage and antique items today. I'll show you a peek at the end of the post! XO
outfit details: blue 1940's dress- Salvation Army in Champaign, IL.
flower crown- c/o Figmint Vintage 
color clocked heels- Jeffrey Campbell via Free People
red leather belt- Goodwill in Springfield, IL
red pepper earrings- handmade, found at Carrie's Antiques in Champaign, IL
blue suitcase- $3 at a flea market in Edwardsville, IL
love, polly


Make your own fruit earrings!

I've been really obsessed over fake fruit the last few months and I've been making paintings with them. I just bought some more fake fruit on ebay for more paintings and I figured I could spare a handful to make earrings. I get so many compliments on these red pepper earrings that I figured WHY NOT make earrings out of fake fruit! 
MATERIALS NEEDED: Earring posts with backs, your choice of lightweight fake fruit, and a hot glue gun!
Step 1: figure out where you'd like to place the posts. Make sure to move the piece of fruit around on your ear to figure out the perfect placement and side of the fruit that you want to show.
Step 2: Use your hot glue gun to squeeze a dollop of glue on the back of your earring post and stick it in the desired area.
Step 3: Let them dry for about ten minutes and wear them! 
See, it's so easy! The hardest part is picking out what fruit to use. I got mine on ebay.
Have fun making your very own fruit earrings!
love, polly


Why the hydrangeas?

I've been meaning to write a post about my obsession with hydrangeas for a while now but I've found a void in explanation until recently. You may be wondering what the big deal is with dried flowers and what they represent/why I use them in almost every photo these days............
The story starts when I was just a girl living on East Adams Street in Taylorville. I had a neighbor named Mildred and she was probably about 80 years old or more. We would visit and drink tea together for hours and never run out of things to talk about. I suppose this, then, was my first infatuation with an older person of any sort. She had such a story and a history behind her life and I was so interested to get to know more about her. She would keep my dolls to babysit while I was "away" and also she'd bring out milk for my cat when she'd climb up in Mildred's tree. We'd sit on her front porch and wait for my cat, Kelsey, to finally climb down. To get to the point: Mildred had what I used to call a "snowball" bush in her backyard that fascinated me even when I was little. I used to make potpourri in jars with the small, beautiful flowers that'd fall off the tree and decorate my room with them. I truthfully forgot about how much I loved hydrangeas until I was cleaning trash out of my front yard about three years ago with my friends Shelby and Rita. We stumbled upon three or four clusters of dried flowers by our white picket fence and thought they were so beautiful. I immediately became interested in them but didn't quite know what that meant or where it would take me.
Fast forward a bit: I transferred colleges and moved to Champaign-Urbana two years ago and discovered the abundance of hydrangeas in this town. I became obsessed with the natural color of the dried hydrangeas and how a dead flower can be so impossibly beautiful. I had never been so obsessed with a flower before in my entire life. The beauty in death really opened my eyes to another spectrum of self expression I'd never thought about before. After this realization, I started to develop major plans involving them with an art show last year. The art show is still currently in the planning process, but I did start spray painting them when I was appointed VP of design and decoration for College Fashion Week. My idea was to spray paint the hydrangeas and decorate the main runway event with them in spring colors. From here on out I just enjoyed using them as props for photos because they are just so beautiful and unique. 
Then I became obsessed with placing them in hair. Here's a photo from a photoshoot I styled called Dried Nature this past winter. I loved the look of the dried grass and the dried flower petals resting in their hair. This was also used as a theme in my Paulie Antiques runway show last Saturday. 
Back to Mildred: She passed away one day and I felt so sad and lonely. The feeling was so lost and hopeless... I had lost a great friend who knew so much more about the world than I ever thought I would know... but I still had her hydrangea bush in her backyard to remember her by. Even when the flowers dry up and die for the winter they are beautiful. This, truly, was the beauty that I saw in death at a young age. Every time I look at a hydrangea I think of the beautiful, huge hydrangea bush in Mildred's yard and how she taught me so much about being a person. I will never forget her.
It's a continuing obsession that don't seem to be ceasing in interest to me any time soon. Do you have an obsession with a flower or a place? A smell? A color? I'm interested. I get really carried away with my obsessions! I want to hear about yours! XOXO
love, polly


outfit: candyland

Hey, there! It's been a while... I hope you've all been busy enjoying yourselves and keeping productive. Just an update on the photos from my runway show.. I have received some, but I'm holding out for the really good ones from my friend who is a photographer for a magazine I work for called IMPULSE. I will be sharing them probably within the week. If you are too too curious about it, though... you can check my Paulie Antiques facebook page and some of them are up. It was such a blast dressing the models backstage and hearing my music playing while they projected my logo behind the models. My parents and grandparents came to see and the decorations went so well... overall it was a success, and I can't wait to do another one!
outfit details: antique early 1900's pleated cream blouse- thrifted at the Red Herring in Champaign, IL
orange and red color blocked heels- Jeffrey Campbell Litas
skirt- handmade by me for Paulie Antiques and featured on my lovely model Jessie for our flyer seen here.
1950's pink bracelet- my mother's
pink velour cloche with robin egg blue pinwheels- handmade by me for Paulie Antiques.
love, polly


10 days of family (day six)

Hi, there. This is my Great Great Grandma Marie Berta Frisina and an unknown man whom she married sometime before she married my Great Great Grandfather. This photo floated around in other people's hands for a while before it reached my Great Grandma Frisina and she wrote on the back that apparently Marie Berta was married three times! This is obviously one of her wedding portraits... but I have no idea what date. Marie was born August 15, 1890 and her son Jim (my Great Grandfather) was born in 1911 when she was 20 years old. That means this photo had to have been taken before 1911 and  after 1900. It's all so confusing... 
love, polly


Paulie Antiques Runway Show Behind the Scenes!

WOAH. Lately I've been in a whirlwind. Here are some photos backstage from last night's fashion show. I hope that I can show you a video of the show! Pictures from other photographers will surface shortly and I will surely share more with you :) But for now... this has to be enough, unfortunately :)
Here I am getting the suitcase my model Nico walked on the runway with. This is also my model Ben getting ready!
Ben and I before he walked on the runway for Paulie Antiques!
This is Grace, Gordana (of GOCA designs), and I backstage before the show... I love these girls with all my heart...
My clothing rack with all of my model's clothes I made!
My wonderful and sweet models Hannah and Jessie backstage before the show! 
Gordana, Jenn, me, my model Alli wearing one of my designs, and Grace after the show. The last photo is my rack after the clothes had been ripped off!
UPDATE: If you'd like to watch a video showcasing our CFW Runway event, it was featured and you can see more of my designs, too! Here is the link to the video!
I love you.
Polly :)


today is the day.

EDIT: the event will now be held at THE ATKINS BUILDING across the street from the iHotel. Doors still open at 6:30 and the show starts at 7 pm. Thank you!! .
If you'd like to buy tickets for $12 ahead of time... purchase them here!
My Paulie Antiques runway show is tonight at 7 PM CST! I am so excited to share my designs with you. Sit tight! If you live in the Champaign/Urbana area.... I hope to see you there! Can't wait to share photos and behind the scenes peeks!
love, polly