I love family heirlooms!

You might remember this dress from this past month! It was a gift from my Aunt Kate (my mother's sister!) My Great Grandmother Lucille Frisina used to own it back in the 1940's. I wish I had a picture of her in it! I went to her house the actual day these photos were taken to show her and asked her if she had a photo of herself in it, but, alas- she didn't. She had so many dresses.. I bet she didn't even remember! She will turn 99 in August! That's right- I AM GOING TO LIVE TO 106! haha, her sister, Floy did! (my great aunt!)

anyway, enough rambling about family ties! I am on a bow tie hiatus at the moment- but not to worry, I have many new ties ready to be photographed, and I met the most amazing models the other day who are super excited for a bow tie photo shoot!
love love, polly


So when you're near me darling can't you hear me? sos..

Ever since I saw Mamma Mia I've liked Abba.. but I didn't realize just how MUCH I LOVED Abba until recently finding one of their albums at Salvation Army.. I can't stop listening to them! In love!
outfit details:
red and white petticoat skirt- salvation army
mustard blouse- U of I costume sale
boots- Goodwill
mustard knee high tights- Dandelion Vintage
green vintage felt hat- Lisa's Antiques
1950's beaded satin collar- Lisa's Antiques
love, polly :D


introducing: the shabby chic Banana Cream Pie Bow Tie!

 I am returning with the funniest bow tie yet- banana cream pie! This is my model, Alexis! I was just looking through some fabric at JoAnn's and found this CRAZY banana fabric! I laughed so hard to myself and thought, "What a fabric for a bow tie!!" I am pretty sure they had a blueberry one, too! I would love to make a blueberry bow tie... what do you think? 
photography: Nathan Adhikari and Tim Ro
love, polly :)


behind the scenes: bow tie week!

Here is my director and friend, Tim Ro. (he also directed a music video and a short film I costume designed, too!)
 Putting the flowers in Allegra's hair (I ran across the highway to get these.. ha!)
 Master photographer, Mr. Nathan Adhikari (acting insane).
I hope you enjoyed these little "behind the scenes" shots! They are so much fun! Happy week! Be back with more bow ties soon!.
love, polly


introducing: the Kitschy Pear bow tie!

 My friend was kind enough to model for me while she was home (for two days only this whole summer!). I'm so lucky that I caught her before she left for her internship in Chicago! 
We had so much fun dressing up.
styling: Paulie Antiques
photography: Nathan Adhikari and Timothy Ro.
love, polly


introducing: the shabby chic Cotton Candy Dream Bow Tie!

Hi, lovelies! Boy was it hot when we did my second bow tie photo shoot! My models were so kind to put up with the heat the way they did. I really appreciate it so much. 
This is my lovely friend, Laura King. She has the cutest style ever... and, luckily.. she loved these pants of mine! They looked so great on her (it's always such a great feeling when the person you style actually LIKES what they're wearing!) Visit my etsy for more information on the Cotton Candy Dream Bow Tie.. it's one of my most favorite bows!. Be back later with more inspiration!
love, polly :)


Introducing: the Carrot Cake Cupcake bow tie!

We've been so hard at work costuming, shooting, modeling (in some cases), converting and editing for these photos. I work with such a wonderful group, and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for the time they're spending with me on this project.. it means the world. This is my amazing friend, Allegra.. she is a wonderful photographer and has the most mesmerizing eyes.
I styled Allegra in some wonderful yellow ochre tights, red vintage mary jane t-straps, a vintage yellow suitcase, vintage bright orange gloves from Dandelion Vintage, a teal skirt I thrifted from Goodwill, a vintage mustard top from the U of I costume sale, and a flower that I crossed the highway to pick. :D 
stylist and costume designer: Paulie Antiques
photographers: Timothy Ro and Nathan Adhikari
lighting: Sean O'Leary
model: Allegra Leigh
Love, polly


bow tie week starts tomorrow!

Hi, there! Tomorrow July 20th kicks off the start of bow tie week here on the littlest polly! I will be posting new bow ties for sale along with other daily posts for the entire week! We had our first bow tie photo shoot yesterday and I am  beyond the moon excited to share my new designs with you! Check back tomorrow to see my first bow tie! I am whipping them up like mad in my studio... can't wait to share!
love, polly :D


no one does it like you..

Department of Eagles is amazing to me.. I know I just posted about them.. but the colors in this music video are astonishing! I would really love to work on a music video like this with such restricted colors like these. So inspiring!
When I came home for the fourth of July, my Grandmother Kutch had this lovely purse waiting for me! She is so sweet.. she gives me so many vintage treasures... (because she's addicted, too!)
outfit details:
vintage grey and white striped dress- Salvation Army
yellow bow heels- Bakers (I wore these to prom!)
brown mesh purse- gift via Grandmother Kutch♥
red hat- Goodwill
vintage red gloves- Salvation Army
red leather belt- Goodwill in Springfield, IL
red pepper earrings- Carrie's vintage in Champaign, IL
love, polly :)