Outfit: Hot Child in the NYCity

 So, I've been living in New York City for three weeks now. I found a clean, large room with a nice Dominican family and their 3 year old child in Washington Heights which is North of Harlem on the island of Manhattan. As long as you're on the island, you're technically considered to live in Manhattan... to think of it as an island is yet another story in it's entirety! It's humid like an island, that is for certain! I've been kept pretty busy and creative at Lori Goldstein's office the past three weeks, and I am excited to see what is coming next week at Lori's office for NYFW! My first year being involved with NYFW is a total dream so far... You better believe that I'll be hightailing it to the area the shows are being held just to see everyone! These shoes have been a perk about my internship,too! I moved to New York with only one pair of shoes... it was a little rough. My bagpack was FULL and so heavy and it was SO humid in the city- I couldn't hardly stand it with my Asthma. The air is heavier here- not only with smog, but with the people living in the city- who have run throughout it their entire lives and continue to do so every day JUST in order to survive and pay rent. Many are incredibly genuine and caring people who are willing to lend you whatever they can possibly help you with. It's not an easy thing to fathom upon college graduation- but thankfully I have another job stitching at a costume shop called iLuminate which is so fun! I am also looking in the West Village for a waitressing job. Maybe I'll be your waitress some day... should I wear the pink wig? Hehe.......
My interview with Teen Vogue proved to be very interesting, too.... The security is very tight in the Conde Nast building. I was happy to see the sign for myself... and not just via media :D We will see if I get the job- I am praying my hardest to make the most of myself in this city. Also, do you remember watching the episode of Sex and the City titled 'Hot Child in the City'? I've loved that show so intensely ever since high school (circa 2007). I love that episode, too... Wah! I love the random things that happen while living in NYC! XO!
Outfit details: 
shoes: Zara
dress: clothing store in Washington Heights
belt: vintage
Hat: antique, was for sale at Paulie Antiques until I snagged it back! (Paulie Antiques is on vacation, for a short time, while I get settled in NYC!)
love, polly


Paulie Antiques featured in the Taylorville Breeze Courier Newspaper today

I am happy to share this article from the Breeze Courier of my hometown today. It reveals a little more about my childhood and past. My friend Laura Wolfe wrote it and I was happy to do the interview a few days ago. Happy Sunday! What are your plans today?
love, polly


My 24th Birthday in Princeton, NJ and New York City..

 I visited Hannah and her wonderful family in Princeton, NJ the last couple of days and we laughed, ate, explored and rode bikes. It is so beautiful there. I love eating with her family- there is always interesting conversation and laughing constantly. I learn so much around them. I treasure the time when I am at their house. Thank you for letting me sleep on your couch and feeding me when I needed it most. You guys mean so much to me. I am in your debt.
I am another year older... and I found my very own apartment in New York City yesterday. After much stress, tears, searching, back aching, and money- I found it. It's my own. Thank goodness. I can relax a bit, now! Thank you for the happy birthday wishes on my last post! 
love, polly 


Visting Ladurée Macaroon Shoppe in NYC

 Today I interviewed & accepted an internship with legendary fashion stylist Lori Goldstein. It was a thrilling thing to accept the position! I will be working at Lori's studio part time and I am also interviewing for a woman who makes hats in NYC on Monday! I will probably also have a waitressing job on the weekends. I met my friend Christine on Madison avenue after my interview for LadurĂ©e macaroons and a fashion exhibit at the MET. It was a great afternoon and I had wonderful company. Thank you, Christine! It was so nice to see you!
 Check out Christine's blog, too! Christine works in fashion, too, and I am so blessed to know her!
 At the MET punk exhibit!
love, polly


Adventures in New York City

I arrived in New York City today at noon and my friend Francine picked me up. She took these photos of me while flower browsing and also helped me throughout the city and to my hotel. Thank you, Francine! You are truly a ruby among rocks. Thank you for everything today. After taking a much needed shower and nap in my Chelsea hotel, I decided to walk down 7th Avenue- The Fashion District. I explored by myself and I really enjoyed the walk to Times Square. Everyone was out and all of the lights were flashing, people were eating and getting lured into shows by salesman... so much life in this city. I feel it all around me.
love, polly