For the love of Spring..

My Grandma Kutch bought this belt in the 1950's for twenty dollars. She gave it to my mother in the 1970's, and recently my mother has bequeathed it to me. The brand is Renior and it has matching earrings as well!
shirt: The Buckle
belt: my Grandma Kutch's in 1950
skirt: Salvation Army (SOLD)
earrings: 99 cents at Salvation Army
hair feather: Her Majesty's creations in Indiana
shoes: Charlotte Russe
love, polly


salvation army finds of today!

I was delighted to find these records today for 75 cents each!
West Side Story is one of my most favorite movies! I LOVE musicals and they give me chills! (especially older ones). Have you seen it?
No, My Fair Lady is not my favorite movie by Audrey Hepburn (I have the Breakfast At Tiffany's Soundtrack on vinyl, too!!) but I thought I'd buy it, anyway :) What do you think about My Fair Lady? Yay or nay? (I believe she only sang like.. two of the songs in the movie)
Super excited about this! A great find! I'm getting ready to spin it right nao!
This movie is a classic. Love it.♥
Here is a peek at the letters I sent to my pen pals!
I would love to acquire more pen pals! You can just e-mail me with your address and we'll swap!
Well, I was looking forward to staying in tonight and making some new buttons.. but my cousin called and is having a get together tonight at his house.. this only happens once in a blue moon so... I am off in a flash!
love, polly



Joao & soy milk 
(nah, he didn't take to it)
love, polly 


Linda Zimmers House Tour!

this is her little collection of little vintage pitchers.. aren't they cute?
in love with this doily pillow and little puppet!
this is her junk trellis.. instead of flowers, she likes using things she would otherwise throw away. Clever idea, huh? :)
this is a collection of vintage medicine bottles and toiletries in her bathroom! This was my favorite feature in her house!
she decapauged this mirror with old advertisements from magazines! Such a creative idea!
these are vintage string holders she collects in her kitchen.. when someone would need string in the 50's they'd keep the ball of string behind the doll (it's hollow) and pull it out through the mouth! She stopped collecting them, though.. because they've gone up in price. About 50-100 dollars or so now!
this is also her kitchen. See the vintage colored bowls? So awesome :)
she made this little cat and mouse out of wood!
theses are vintage perfume bottles in another bathroom of hers. She collects SO many things!
love, polly


look what I found yesterday!

(I went thrifting 3 different
love, polly