1956 Sears Catalog find!

My parents and I ventured to Salvation Army and the Lighthouse Antique Mall on Interstate 55 for Black Friday.. it was quite a lot of fun!
(those are my parents walking!)
I was lucky enough to snag this vintage 1956 Sears Catalog yesterday! I was so excited because there are a bunch of color photos! So inspirational! 
(more pictures soon!)
love, polly :)


Beauty comes to those who have been waiting for something that is bigger than themselves.

I made black bean burgers for my family tonight. I'm sure many of you cook a lot, but I don't really have that much creativity when it comes to making up new food dishes. I just end up eating the same thing again and again until I get sick of it or go out to Subway. I am quite boring and uncreative when it comes to trying new foods. I mean, I am willing to TRY it, but if I know that I am going to Olive Garden, I will always get the Five Cheese Ziti because I KNOW it is going to be good! I am trying to get out of this habit, but sometimes you just don't want to take that chance of getting a dish you won't like, you know?
Plus, I've gone through a lot of those experiences with food where I hate the entire restaurant because the one dish I ordered was basically the freakiest item on the menu.
Oh, well. I guess I like what I like. I know I like vintage clothing.. you don't see me changing that or trying anything new anytime soon, do you? haha.. an old horse stuck in her ways!
I really hope you have a lovely thanksgiving to everyone who reads this. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting, you all are so special. I am having Thanksgiving at a BAR! (haha, I'll tell you later.)
dress: Salvation Army in Litchfield, IL ($4)
shoes: Salvation Army in Springfield, IL ($3)
scarf: Goodwill in Creve Coeur, MO ($2)
tights: UO ($12)
gloves: vintage, my mother
purse from 1950: Goodwill in Creve Coeur, MO ($3)
belt: Goodwill in Creve Coeur, MO (.99)
black slip: vintage
All together the outfit only cost 25 dollars. (WOW that is expensive for me!) 
love, polly


Now for something totally contradicting.

I just finished watching the film Coco Before Chanel. It's a French film about Chanel's life with subtitles. As in Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, it was difficult to get used to the subtitles, but after a bit it didn't bother me. It made me think. I have recently decided to start designing from the 17th and 18th century. Those are the periods that inspire me most. I plan on asking my costume design teacher if she would do an independent study with me to learn corsetry. I've sewn a corset before (well, just the taping).. and I know how delicate and minute the details are. I don't pretend not to know. Seeing this Chanel movie, though, it made me wonder if I am trying to promote more constricting fashion. Is there a way to get this look without a constricting corset? Chanel's main problem with fashion of her time was that she felt confined. She liked simplicity and things that were of some ease. She didn't wear a corset with her clothing for much of her adult life.. and that was considered rather risque! Only a slip was quite unusual in the 1900's. I admire her vision of a less confined woman. It lead to a revolution in fashion. It's no wonder that women were considered inferior, they couldn't hardly breathe! How are you supposed to calm yourself down stuck in vase that contricts your waist to 17 inches? My waist (I measured it the other week) is about 25 inches around. I thought that was ridiculous! Many people talk about how skinny I am. It makes me uncomfortable. But to have a 17 inch waist? Did society really expect that of women? It's no wonder fashion has turned out the way it is now. When I walk down the streets everyone is dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. What has fashion in normalcy come to?

Maybe that is why I covet my own corset. Something different, beautiful, something I made. I want that for myself. But does that reflect that I am constrictive? I don't wish that to be so, I just admire pretty things. I want to find an in between for my designs. Something that hasn't been done before. I am by no means aiming for something simple like Coco, because I am a very ornate dresser and thinker when it comes to designing clothing. Somehow, I know, I will find a happy medium between the past and future fashion of my designs. Until that day, I keep locking myself up with inspiring movies such as The Duchess, Coco Before Chanel, and Bettie Page (that's next on my list!) I rented too many movies this week! 
love, polly


Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.

My friend, Tim and I were thinking about doing a fashion shoot after we met on the set of Once Upon a Time in 1972. We decided we would collaborate on several projects, including me costume designing his feature film shot by an academy award nominated cinema photographer this summer. We are also planning on shooting numerous fashion stills together (with me dressing the models). In this case, it was our first shoot and I couldn't very well find anyone else to fit into my Great Grandmother's dress from the 1950's, so I became the model for the shoot. Hope you enjoy.
My mother gave me the hat a few years ago, besides this, I've only found one other occasion I found it appropriate for. I am trying to get better at that type of thing (wearing more period pieces).
These were shot in Crystal Lake Park in Champaign, Illinois (where I attend The University of Illinois for costume design)
photos by Nathan Adhikari. He is a very fun photographer to work with and very patient. I really enjoyed working with him! Hopefully we will have more fashion photography to show you soon! :)


I'm a baby boomer's daughter, and I'm never gonna reach nirvana

I looooove these oxfords! I got them on Ebay!
The sunset was so beautiful that I just had to take advantage of it. These are my favorite kind of photos, spontaneous ones in between the drive from Urbana to Taylorville. It's so nice to get out of the car and walk around and see some beautiful scenery.
In this case, I was actually using the suitcase, so it was filled with belongings. It was really heavy to hike up the hill to get the pictures of the beautiful sunset. I really wished I almost brought an extra suitcase that was empty so I could hop up the hill more easily. Oh, well.. my arms are getting stronger and more muscular every day! (yeah, right)
love, polly


Lola Dee giveaway! (closed)

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The Artwork of Kelly Louise Judd

Here she is, sitting in her hammock (drawing mayybe?)
I stumbled upon this suggested artist via my friend and pen pal, Ada. She is an inspiring person and her advice always seems to leave me inspired. This time I saw she posted a link on Kelly Louise Judd.
Her artwork is so mythical and inspiring to me. I'm not sure why I am so inspired by these rather damp and intricately dreary drawings, but I know it's art like this that makes me feel alive. I wish I could draw like this. I wish it so much.
You can see Kelly's blog at Swan Bones Theater.
You can also visit her etsy where she sells her artwork.
The charade of dark and dreary art still gets me every time. 
love, polly