Coconut Banana Blueberry Cinnamon Popsicles

So... what's easier than making your own popsicles? I love knowing exactly what I am putting into my body because I made these popsicles from scratch with the help of these adorable popsicle makers from JoAnn's! They have other cute colors, too! I have a feeling a new obsession is starting................
(Mix together in a blender)
1 pinch of shredded coconut
2 teaspoons of cinnamon
3 tablespoons of coconut yogurt 
1 banana
1 handful of fresh blueberries
1/2 cup of almond milk
Pour it in the mold, stick it in the freezer overnight and have them for breakfast the next morning!
love, polly


Beauty Giveaway!

Hello, lovelies! I'm back with a quick little giveaway to show my appreciation to my readers ;D! If you are chosen (at random, of course!) as the winner, you will receive the August Issue of Teen Vogue, a brand new bottle of Essie "A Cut Above" glitter nail polish, and a red lip stain from Elf and a little card from me! Excited? Me, too!!!! The winner will be e-mailed July 3 at 3PM CST.
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1. Visit my Fashion Click page on Teen Vogue and click the "hearts" to vote for your favorite outfits! The more hearts you click, the more entries you get! Let me know how many hearts you clicked! .
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love, polly

1960's Patriotic Floral Day Dress for sale at Paulie Antiques

This dress is cool, flowy, light and perfect for the fourth of July (as long as you include blue accessories!) I really enjoyed wearing it- although it's obviously big for me. Please see the measurements and more details on the Paulie Antiques listing here! Does this dress make you feel more patriotic?
Photos by Nathan Adhikari
Styling by Adrienne Weber and me
love, polly


Blue Brocade & Wedding Day Satin

I remember trying this dress on at one of Adrienne Weber's vintage sales at the Red Herring Vegetarian Restaurant last year and absolutely loving it, but not buying it due to limited funds (TEARS!). Upon trying the dress on again: WOW. This dress is not only classy and beautiful, it is figure fitting! I was surprised at just how well this dress fits me! It's truly one of a kind and it takes someone special to have confidence to wear it out in public. Believing in yourself is key to getting what you want in life. Here's to being confident and chasing after your dreams! This dress definitely makes me feel empowered.... Nevertheless, you may buy this dress at my store Paulie Antiques! It is now for sale! I am offering it to you....... .
I love Brocade!!
Oh- and the hat is a bridal hat made from white satin. It makes me feel a little more special... like a princess getting ready to meet a prince. I like imagining fairytales like that in my head a lot, lately.... But, sadly- I am still searching for my prince.
What do you think about this dress? Where would you wear it? What accessories would you pair with it?
Photos by Nathan Adhikari
Styled by Adrienne Weber
love, polly :D


1950's Saks Fifth Avenue Blue Dress for sale at Paulie Antiques!

Hi, there! Over the past couple of weeks, my friend Adrienne Weber, Nathan Adhikari and I have been photographing some vintage clothing to sell in my shop, Paulie Antiques. Adrienne Weber and her mother have found these pieces and they are all very special- so I am curating them for my shop with extra care. It is really a pleasure to work with an original 1950's Saks Fifth Avenue dress.
These wonderful glasses are courtesy of and I absolutely adore them! They are so comfortable and I love the case they came in and the cleaning cloth as well. I have a feeling that I will have these glasses for a very long time thanks to the care they put into the order. They make everything I look at slightly holographic- looking at my phone with them on is a little off setting, but I think it gives me a new perspective and I quite like it! Get 10% off of your order with the coupon code: Blog10 and check out their twitter and facebook! XO
If you'd like to purchase this dress, please visit the listing in my shop! I am so pleased to offer this wonderful gem to the public through Paulie Antiques!
Photographed by the ever so willing and talented Nathan Adhikari
Styled by Adrienne Weber
love, polly


Behind the Scenes of the latest Paulie Antiques shop update (coming soon!)

Here are some behind the scenes photos of the latest Paulie Antiques look book that is being featured for sale immediately. The look books will surface as soon as the items become available! These pieces are curated from my friend Adrienne Weber and she is commissioning them through my store, Paulie Antiques! I am excited to show you more! Thank you to the wonderful Nathan Adhikari who is always available for whatever project I create in my head- he makes it into reality. Thank you to my wonderful team. More to come soon!
My sunglasses are courtesy of Glasses USA!
love, polly :D


Outfit: Could You be Loved

For the past few days I've been playing Bob Marley back in the costume shop at my job and I just can't enough. Bob Marley makes me feel so relaxed and happy in my own skin. I don't want for things or feel like I am not good enough when listening to his music. My mother actually got married in Jamaica and lived there for a few years... and she really got me into Bob Marley's music.... and it's really been affecting my experimentation with style. I'm definitely feeling funkier thanks to this wonderful vest my amazing cousin Heather gave to me for my college graduation! I love you, Heather!
Outfit Details: Gold hat- vintage, my mother's
socks- unopened at Salvation Army
petticoat- Goodwill
purse- vintage, 1950's, Goodwill in St. Louis
blouse- Salvation Army
vest- Funky People, gift from my cousin Heather
glasses- lighthouse antique mall in Decatur, IL
gloves- vintage, estate sale
wig- Dallas & Co. (where I work!)
love, polly