My Favorite Outfits of All Time

2. Sea Lion Woman (2010)
3. The Ghost Who Walks (2010)
11. Hydrangeas & Pink (2012)
12. 100,000 Thoughts (2012)
14. Dry the Rain (2012)
17. Winter Shine (2013)
18. Springtime Colors (2013)
19. Pink Velvet (2013)
22. Black Sunset (2013)
I just wanted to list my personal favorite outfits since starting this blog. It's encouraging to see how my style and photography has evolved since 2010. These are out of my wardrobe archive. I can't wait to see what my style evolves into in 2014! Which outfit is your favorite?
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Katie Pierce for Paulie Antiques Fall 2013 Studio Look Book in Brooklyn, NY

So it turns out that I am just now posting the Paulie Antiques Fall Look Book from 2013 and hey, it happens. I'm not going to beat myself up too much about it. It was a blast working with Sandra Murphy Recollection & Pepa Loves and using their clothing from their amazing companies. Styling my first ever studio shoot was also really fun and required a lot of planning and organization. When I do my look books outdoors.... it seems to be less work. Working in a studio was such a blessing for me because our photographer, Eric Michael Pearson had his own studio at our very own disposal. I met Katie Pierce at a Psychic Twin concert in Brooklyn and thought she was so sweet and beautiful- so I asked her to be our model. When I scout models- it's pretty funny because I am sometimes shy and sometimes I will just walk right up to the person and lay down a proposal to a girl who has never modeled and is absolutely terrified. Luckily, Katie had some previous experience and was so much fun to boot. My friend Christine Hopkins acted as my assistant stylist which was so fun because when we were both stylists for Impulse Magazine two years ago- I assisted her on her spread in the magazine. Thank you to everyone who was involved in this shoot... it was a truly amazing experience. Also, I thought the music for the look book video should also be Psychic Twin since Katie and I met through Erin, the lead singer. We love you, Erin!!
Mint sailor blouse with bow c/o Pepa Loves
Mint mini dress with collar c/o Pepa Loves
hats, gloves and small purse loaned by Sandry Murphy 
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Behind the Scenes of the Paulie Antiques Winter 2014 Look Book

I had a few more people involved with the Paulie Antiques Winter 2014 look book this year- but two of them managed to elude the photos in this post! Derek Loman was also assisting us with behind the scenes photos and Catherine Beyers styled Ellen's hair. I should have tried harder to get better behind the scenes photos at the salon, but alas. Here are the behind the scenes photos that made the cut. I can't help but have high standards for the quality of the photos I share on this blog- even if they are "behind the scenes." By the way, go ahead and make fun of me for my whole ear muffs over my hat fashion. Haha :)
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Why I wear the Mouche

You may have noticed that I draw on a little black circle "beauty mark" just below my right eye practically every time you see a photo of my face. For a REALLY long time now.... I've been meaning to share some history on mouches and why I've chosen to wear one.  I started doing this as a finishing touch to my make-up about 2 years ago after learning more about them in costume history class and becoming pretty obsessed with the idea! (Thanks to my costume history I & II teacher, Helene Siebrits!)
"Beauty Marks" had their origin in Rome around 100 C.E. Wearing these mouches or "patches" over blemishes came into widespread fashion in the second half or the 17th century and developed far into the 18th century due in part to the scars Small Pox would leave on the face. Both men and women imitated this natural mark by sticking black beauty patches on their faces which were eventually used to send signals in flirtation rituals! 
(illustrated by Rita Flores)
Mouches could also conveniently cover Small Pox scars and blemishes from wearing the white lead based make-up that was popular in the 17th & 18th centuries. It was the vaccination for Small Pox in 1796 that eventually led to the end of this make-up fashion.
These mouches could be made of black taffeta, velvet, silk, or thin leather that was cut into circles, crescents, stars, hearts- you name it. It was stuck to the skin with gum mastic- glue made from the sap of trees. As the fashion increased, the patches became more and more elaborate and were created in the shape of sailing ships, birds in flight, etc. When the patch is placed near the eye, it indicated passion, one by the mouth would indicate boldness. On the right cheek meant that the woman was married and on the left cheek meant the woman was engaged. I chose my right eye because it meant I was passionate about life and I also felt like it was the most suiting for my face! Also, I just use liquid eyeliner to create the look.
Drawing on mouches for the girls who model for Paulie Antiques has also become my signature style for their make-up. Everyone gets a mouche these days, but it's not always in the same place!
I hope you enjoyed a little history on the fashion of the beauty mark and mouches! Do you have a natural beauty mark or do you create one for yourself? What do you think about them? I'd love to know!
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The Paulie Antiques Show Episode 5 *Lime Crime Make Up Review*

I just recently tested out some Lime Crime lipsticks and made an episode of the Paulie Antiques Show where I try them on and tell my thoughts about them. Do you own any make up from Lime Crime? XO
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Paulie Antiques Winter 2014 Look Book Featuring Ellen Readhead

Happy New Year! Now that it's officially 2014, I thought I would share the 2014 Vintage Winter Look Book with you. Ellen Readhead recently married my cousin Noah Readhead and I couldn't be happier to have her in my extended family! Not only was she kind and a total trooper through this freezing cold shoot but she's so beautiful to boot! She said she doesn't usually wear bright lipstick and colorful eyeliner that I put on her- but she was more than willing to do anything to let me achieve the look I wanted! Thanks for being an amazing model for me, Ellen! A big thank you also to her husband Noah Readhead for shooting our (soon to come) look book video and Derek Loman for assisting us! Catherine Beyers was so kind to curl Ellen's hair for us and I am so grateful! It was so great to collaborate with you, Catherine! 
Admittedly, this was my first time working with colorful smoke fountains and I think I have started a new obsession. I ordered them online and they were cheap, but shipping them through the mail was nearly $20 USD! Crazy but worth it! It was a blast working with the colorful smoke. I really enjoyed styling this shoot! Happy New Year! XO
love, polly