The Paulie Antiques Show: My Grandma Kutch

My Grandma Kutch is already an experienced actress and she's been on Nickelodeon before. I figured I would harvest some of her talent ;) Enjoy getting to know my Grandma Kutch. She started my antique obsession and I love her dearly!
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Washing Your Synthetic Wig

I have to admit that I've been a bit worried about washing my wig. I have had this pink wig since about June or July 2013 and I have been wearing it A LOT. This wig traveled with me to New York City and back- it's been worn to a wedding and countless photo shoots. Needless to say, I've washed my wig cap frequently- but this was the first time I washed my wig. It's very important to remember what your wig can handle. Mine is synthetic (plastic) so I can't use any heat on it. I soaked it in the bathtub in cold water and didn't try using any shampoos or conditioners on it. I soaked it for a good hour and it really helped a lot! It's ok to hang it on a pants hanger with clips for it to dry. Make sure you don't use hot water if your wig is synthetic- it won't be able to handle the heat! You can, however, disinfect it with Isoprophyl Alcohol in a spray bottle. Don't use too much- it could potentially fade the color. Make sure to soak the wig in cold water after disinfecting. 
syeYiX on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
It's pretty simple, but I would like to hear about other ways to clean synthetic wigs, too! I had also dropped this wig in some mud and the dirt just came off in the bathtub... not harmed! Do you know of any tips for cleaning synthetic wigs, too? How about styling them?
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Steamed Pea Spinach Salad

Believe it or not, my favorite meal is a salad. I usually always have organic spinach and greens on hand, but sometimes I really want something that is warm. With this salad, I washed the spinach and greens in cold water and placed them in the bowl. I grated parmesan cheese on top of the salad and then boiled some frozen peas. After the peas were steamed, I drained them and laid the warm peas on top. It's really nice to have warm peas in any salad... it makes it way more satisfying! I also added a packet of Good Seasonings to some vinegar, oil and water salad dressing to this salad to top it off. Yum!  
Usually I cut up an entire apple on top of my salads, but I liked how simple this one was. Do you have a favorite salad? Share it with us in the comments if you'd like!
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Tips on Removing Stains from Delicate Vintage Clothing

I get a lot of questions about how I remove stains from my vintage clothing and I thought it's about time I wrote a post. It's pretty simple, really... but you may have never thought about it ever before. RO4za_ on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
1. Soak your item in the bath tub with HOT water. My Mother sees me do this and she almost gets angry at me because she was brought up on the fact that you soak delicate things in cold water. I actually learned from my Costume Construction teacher that cold water sets the stains, believe it or not. She's been in the costuming business her whole life, and she knows what she's talking about. If you don't soak your old and probably sweat stained item of clothing in hot water, it won't permeate the stains as well and kill dust mites. Trust me, you will see the yellowish color of the water (or sometimes brown!) and you'll feel better about taking out the stains.
2. Use vinegar, then rinse. Many people underestimate the uses of vinegar. Vinegar can also help to remove some old stains and odors on old clothing... just make sure you rinse the item in water after you drain the tub of the 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water mixture.
3. Try Woolite. My Mother has been hand-washing clothes in Woolite for as long as I can remember. Just swish your clothing around in the tub until you feel like it permeated, then rinse with cold water.
4. Try two or three rinses. If a piece of clothing is really yellowed and stained, you will see this in your water. Don't let your piece of clothing wade in the dirty water for too long. Drain your water and start a 2nd bath. Repeat if necessary.
5. Hand Dry. Whatever you must do... DO NOT put the piece of clothing in the dryer! This will ruin it even on a delicate cycle. When you have a sopping wet piece of clothing, wring it out as best as possible, then lay it on a towel or two. If you have a drying line, drape the towel over the line, then the item. It's best to put a towel on the floor to absorb the dripping water. If you don't have a drying line, you can always lay your piece on top of a towel on the floor. Check your towel every 3 hours to replace (prevent it molding). It should dry in a day or two depending on how much bulk you have.
6. Turn it over. It's good to rotate the item on top and bottom. Allow the piece to soak thouroughly. Approximately 15-20 minutes each bath session. Swish it around but if it's hot water- use dish gloves to protect your hands.
7. Bleach. I know what you're thinking.... BLEACH?! But really, on items that are solid white or old lace.... it works wonders. Don't be afraid.... just rinse it really well with cold water. Don't let the item soak in bleach for over 5 minutes. Make sure your item is completely wet before adding the bleach into the tub of water... you will avoid uneven spots this way.
How was your Valentine's Day? I worked all day and then my Dad surprised me with these orange daisies (one of my favorite colors) and chocolate strawberries. He bought my Mom red and white carnations... just like she asked for. Haha. Naturally, I got my parents an antique Calling Card from Rebecca's Antiques... my second job. It was a good day. Not lonely at all... and it was nice :D
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I am a plant owner?

When I moved into my college dorm room freshman year I brought a beautiful purple orchid with me..... it died soon after. After that mishap, I never spent my money on plants because it broke my heart that my beautiful orchid died. Orchids require a lot of care and my busy life really didn't leave much room for the plant. These are the first plants I have owned since then, and they are Moon Cacti! How hard can it be to take care of a few cacti? After purchasing them, I bought Cacti Miracle Gro mix and my Mother gifted her yellow pot to me. They are such a vibrant pop of color in my room.... I really think they brighten my mood!
 Although I didn't have any growing plants in my room for over 5 years, I had a bunch of dried hydrangeas I spray painted sitting in vases. I also started plucking blooming hydrangeas everywhere they grew in my neighborhood and brought them home with me. Unfortunately these fresh hydrangeas never had roots- so they all eventually dried in the vase. I am very preoccupied with pressing, drying, and spray painting hydrangeas in the Spring and Summer- but I don't have a lot to do with plants in the winter other than looking at the dried hydrangeas. These cacti are perfect because they are simple to take care of and colorful, too! I am so happy to have these guys until my precious hydrangeas start blooming again. Hopefully the love and attention these receive this winter will be enough to last through the Spring and Summer when I am obsessing over plucking & pressing as many hydrangeas as possible. I feel like I should give them names...... no?
Thank you Grandma Kutch for buying the orange cactus for me! Have you found it hard to keep your plants alive? Have you a green thumb? I am interested to know.... tell me! :D
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Paulie Antiques Stickers

 Since posting a photo of some stickers I drew yesterday, two kind ladies have contacted me and I am so happy to say both of the lipstick stickers pictured above have been sold! I love drawing stickers and I hope you guys will like seeing them, too! I am also taking special requests!
What would you like to see me draw? I've already had a request for magnets and brooches.. which I am learning more about. I also need to draw a pomegranate thanks to a suggestion from an instagram friend! I am excited to keep drawing! Have a great Monday tomorrow! XO
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Antique Valentine's Day Cards for sale at Paulie Antiques

Hi, there! I've collaborated with Rebecca's Antiques to bring you some antique Valentine's Day Cards for sale in the Paulie Antiques shop and they are so unique and even more beautiful in person! This is just a list of several that are for sale. What a unique way to tell your valentine this year that you care about them, eh? :)
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Outfit: Winter Green

 It's hard to believe that this is my first outfit post of 2014, but this year has been very snowy and cold in Illinois. 2014 hasn't been the easiest for me, but I seem to be gaining more momentum and happiness every day! I am becoming really productive in the morning hours after my coffee and late at night by candlelight. I've been sending countless letters to friends not hoping for a reply, just hoping to put a smile on their face. I've been working at Rebecca's Antiques and learning new things about antiques and the past and getting to know Rebecca. I am welcoming 2014 and the challenges of post-graduate life. I have started planning for my future and I'm happy for that!
Dess: c/o Pepaloves
Tights: Asian iCandy
Orange Turtle Neck: Banana Republic
Boots: vintage, found thrifting at Goodwill with Benji 
Coat: Vintage, Salvation Army
Hat: Antique, for sale here
Also, I filmed a new vlog about my move to New York City! Have a great day, guys!
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Behind the Scenes: More 2013

You may have noticed my love for sharing behind the scenes photos and out-takes.... I have no shame in sharing these because I believe the people behind the camera are just as important as who happens to be in front. I've been keeping these in my archives for a snowy day.... and since Illinois just got about 8 inches of snow.... it looks like today is that day! XO
Hannah and I after throwing glitter for Emily Otnes' Album shoot.
Our team after finishing Emily's album cover shoot.
An adventure at Allerton Park in Monticello, IL with Nathan Adhikari. 
Nora, Clara and me at my studio before the Paulie Antiques Fall 2013 look book
Touching up Allegra Wentworth's lipstick at the Paulie Antiques Winter 2013 look book
First two photos by Anna Longworth, remaining photos by Nathan Adhikari.
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