toile bow tie finished!

I finished my toile fabric shabby chic bow tie #2 (click here to see my first one!) a couple days ago and last night it was featured in The Conversationalist (a short film I acted in, casted, and also costume designed for!)
One of my friends, Laura King wore it with an ADORABLE vintage dark navy and white striped blouse with a light brown belt around the natural waist, skinny jeans and little red felt princess flats! She played a barista in the film. I actually played, "Bitchy Lady." haha! It was hard to be bitchy to the sweet actress because I love her (but it wasn't too hard ;P)
Also, I am very proud to have my vintage bow tie DIY featured on Frankie Magazine's blog!
If you please, hop on over to Frankie Magazine to check it out, here! (expired link, now)
Thank you so much, Frankie Magazine!
love, polly :)


new bow tie en route & a peek at my new studio!

Here is a peek at the fabric I am making my newest bow tie with and the trimming I am using on the edges! My mom had a HUGE bucket full of fabric she kept yelling at me to sort through over the break.. and this fabric was one of those in her bin! <3
If you'd like to see my DIY on how to make a vintage bow tie you can click here!
Here is a tiny peek at my new studio! Since moving I have felt a weight has been lifted and I enjoy life so much more now. One of the simple pleasures of my life right now is that I get to use an empty bedroom in my house as a studio!
It's a lovely Tuesday so far..
love, polly ;D


vintage books that shaped me part 1

Last summer I went down to my dark and dusty basement to find the childhood books that I still remembered.. I had SO many books as a child.. and I remembered a lot of them. I went searching through them ALL for my absolute favorite books that shaped me as a child. These books were picked up from Goodwill by my Grandmother when I was a child. My Grandmother LOVED to read books with me! I definitely feel that it improved my vocabulary and speech in general.
The Glass Valentine (1969)
I LOVE the illustrations in this book! The color scheme is really what gets me, though!
Pelly and Peak (1978)
Pelly and Peak is a book of short stories about a peacock and a pelican that are more or less.. a couple. It's so cute! The pages are very fragile and even turning the page makes them rip now! :(
The color scheme in this book is beautiful, as well. 
Seasons (1987)
Don't you just want to squeeze the crap out of these cute little cats? They are the perfect models- and, yes- they are real cats!
love, polly


lola dee handmade giveaway aftermath!

You might remember the giveaway that Miss Lola Dee hosted on my blog last month or so. It was adorable! She has brought so much fun to my blog and I thank her so much for that! The winner turned out to be Emma of Eben Lemon.

Here is a little preview stop motion video she made of herself making the bow! I love it so much! The song is really great, too! Thanks so much, Lola!
love, polly


Movie of the Week: The Royal Tenenbaums

The following pictures are screen caps from The Royal Tenenbaums sourced from this website. They tell such an amazing story..
(this is the best film I've seen Gwyneth Paltrow in.. ever) It made me love her so much more.
You can tell a lot about a film from it's screen caps. I just adore the complexity of these characters and every scene in the movie is ascetically BEAUTIFUL! I actually bought a pack of cigarettes for the first time in TWO YEARS after watching this film. I have seriously watched this movie at least ten times in the past week. Obsessed. I think a tattoo could even be in order.
love, polly


baby joao!

oh, here are some pictures I snapped of Joao... my kittie :)
my faaaaaaavorite. purrrrfect ;D
baww! i just love this! 
 he is getting so fat!
love, polly :)


Sponsor Giveaway: Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake!

Meet my new sponsors, Jenny and Aaron from Every day is a Holiday! They own an adorable little store where they sell prints, paintings, stationery, and all kinds of goodies. You can visit their store here!
They have so generously decided to give away a box of these adorable note cards and a custom hand made cupcake necklace from their shop to the winner of this giveaway!
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Bird Nest Fern Giveaway aftermath

You know, not many bloggers show what happens after a giveaway. I want to be one who does. Remember how Beth from Deer Little Fawn won my sponsor Bird Nest Fern's giveaway?
 Well, she received the earrings and here she is wearing them! <3
she posted about it here. Thanks so much for the follow up, Beth!
I love seeing this stuff! My other sponsor Lola Dee is making a video of herself knitting the barrette that she is giving away on my blog, too! Can't wait to share with you. Hope you are having a lovely Monday!
love, polly ;P


Year in Review (2010)

I didn't start personally documenting my style until July of 2010. So, this will be a half year post. Hopefully next year I will have a picture from every month to show you! 

July is when I really started caring about my blog. I was also transitioning between two schools to follow my dream of becoming a costume designer.
I did a house tour with one of my most inspirational friends and collectors, Linda Zimmers. (see pictures here)
I hosted a tour of my room, here.
I snapped a lot of outfits in August, I turned 21, and I bought my first dress from Modcloth :) & also transferred to the University of Illinois.
I visited Lisa's Antiques for the first time, see my visit here!
I hosted a tour of my new apartment in Urbana.
I designed my first tattoo for my cousin Heather Jane!
September was full of beautiful skies, wonderful weather, and a new school.
My room mate, Karla, did a photoshoot of my suitcase collection and I :D
 I started making my first shirt.. and finished it.
I hosted a costume shop tour of U of I.
October was beautiful, but getting colder. I was starting to adjust to a new living situation.
I really started taking pen palling seriously (although I still have so many letters to write!)
I signed on to costume design for my first film, Once Upon a Time in 1972.
I started a new feature called Suitcase Sunday.
November was getting pretty cold. This yellow ochre scarf became one of my favorite items to wear.
Nathan Adhikari took these photos of me in my Great Grandma Frisina's dress from the1950's (she is still alive at 98!)
Major vintage find: I found a 1953 Sears Catalogue! (more pictures here)
I wrote a fashion review on 1920's metal purses (I am starting a collection!)
December was completely freezing. I didn't get many outfits photographed due to finals, but I blogged A LOT!
I shared a story about the woman I was named after.
I did my first DIY making a vintage bow tie!
it was also featured on A Beautiful Mess as part of 12 days of hand made!
I received a very very sweet package from Elsie.
I started making a dress from a vintage bed sham (almost done, too!)
I hope you enjoyed my little projects! 
love, polly :)