Our Vacation to St. Louis!

1. My delicious veggie burger at Range with cranberry sour cream....
2. Iced coffee and my clementine soda at Soulard Coffee Garden.
3. My eggs benedict
4. I'm silly
5 & 8  LOVE Vintage Vinyl....
6. We did, indeed, have a good dinner at Blueberry Hill with my friends Ellen and Noah.
7 & 8 A crazy beautiful cathedral we visited downtown that stunned me.
9. Ben and Jerry's! 
10. Abby and Jessica's kittie.
11 & 12 espresso rubbed burger at Range and their delicious fries with cheese!
18 & 19 Time spent at the St. Louis Museum of History! This is my dream car and also one of the most BEAUTIFUL dresses I've ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE!
20. Of course I loved this.... 
21 & 22 Outside of the Art Museum
23. Admiring the cathedral back door
love, polly

a few more...

Here are a few more photos from our time spent with the lovely Rachel Fenton a few weeks ago while shooting the first Summer Vintage Lookbook for Paulie Antiques
(oh, and a little behind the scenes photo of me recording the lookbook video!)
See the rest of the photos and the video of our day!
Thanks so much to my friend Anna Longworth for taking the photos! XOO
love, polly


Costa Chic Review & Giveaway! (still open)

This giveaway is brought to you by my sponsor, Costa Chic! They were kind enough to send me 3 clutches and also an iphone protector along with the skirt I am wearing. This giveaway has two winners and they will win everything shown here! I LOVE the lining on the inside of these bags..... so cute! I also love the fact that the closures are magnetic! The colors are so beautiful.... thank you so much, Costa Chic, for providing this giveaway for my readers! XO
1. Visit Costa Chic on ebay and tell me your favorite item!
There will be two winners for this giveaway. XO
love, polly

instagrams from our trip to St. Louis

I took a little road trip to St. Louis to visit my friends over the past few days! We had a blast. Here are some of our instagram photos................
Getting our history on at the St. Louis Art Museum!
A pistachio/ salted caramel milkshake at Range where my friend Abby works!
The dried flower bouquet I gifted to Abby and Jessica...
Range, again!
More photos to come from our lovely trip to St. Louis!
love, polly :)

Guest Post from Maria Elyse!

Hello lovely readers... I have a special treat for you today! Maria Elyse is one of my absolute best blogging friends and if you follow her blog... you know that she is taking a little break from blogging. I asked her if she'd like to do a guest post for me and she accepted! Here is her magical post.... I love her. If you're looking for more, check out the post I did on her lovely style influence, and also another guest post she did for me by the lake with her suitcase! Oh! And a picture of us skyping!
Hello lovelies!

To me, there's always been something magical about bicycle rides. The way the wind ripples through your hair, the sun's warmth on your back, the way everything passes by you as you many little bits of whimsy. It's always been a dream of mine to have a beautiful, vintage mint-colored bike with a big wicker basket on the front, that I could ride wherever and whenever I wanted. Perhaps on a summer afternoon in Paris, with a picnic lunch in my basket, riding down streets and roads, with nowhere in particular to go. Just riding along in a daydream. Or maybe on an empty country road, with dust flying up from your wheels as your hair flies wild and free behind you. You pass fields of grass and wildflowers, stopping to pick a bouquet of daisies as the sun begins to set, painting warm oranges and golden colors in the sky. Summer is the perfect time for bicycle rides, don't you think?


Congratulations Aunt Kate!

My Aunt Kate and I in Key Largo when I was 5.
I want to congratulate my Aunt Kate and her friend Judi Diamond on landing a reality television show with Nickelodeon. They got signed on for 20 episodes! She is one of the most interesting and hilarious people I know... and she so happens to be my beautiful Aunt. I can't wait to see the show and I'm definitely coming to the fair to see your performance, Aunt Kate! I have a story or two to tell the cameras about YOU! To find out more about the show that led up to getting picked up by Nickelodeon, visit their website... Lipstick and Laundry!
love, polly 

Fruit Earrings Now Available at Paulie Antiques!

THANK YOU so much for your love and support!
love, polly :)


New Summer 2012 Look Book Video!

I can't write much right now because I gotta run... but I did a photo shoot with the lovely Allegra and Elena Wentworth yesterday! It'll be a while before the photos, but I thought I'd share this video I just made with you! Nathan Adhikari took the photos. XOOOOOOOO
*here's the vimeo version.. which is much larger (if you like!)
love, polly


Chicago adventures: day two

I took a trip to Chicago a little over a week ago... here are the photos from day two :)
1. A delicious coconut donut at The Jumping Bean 
2. One of the best veggie sandwiches I've ever experienced along with a Pumpkin Pie soda also at The Jumping Bean!
3. & 4. The best vintage store I visited on the trip..... Knee Deep.
5. & 6. Breakfast at Nookies in Boystown with Abby and her boy, Matthew.
7. Abby and Matthew.. the cutest things.
8. My fancy pancakes and huevos rancheros at Nookies... Matthew treated us to breakfast! Brownie points +10.
9. Yummy passionfruit tea.. courtesy of Abby :)
10. My fantastically fancy pancakes at Nookies, again.
11. Me, surveying Lake Michigan.
12. Lauren with her hair blowing back from the waves.
13. & 14. OF COURSE I had to get ice cream at the beach!
15. & 16. Lauren and her friends at the beach.
17. Pretty flower bush outside Lauren's apartment.
18. Lauren and I on the beach!
19. Calming the wind to use a lighter.
20. Cute sandals.
Thanks for taking a peek at my trip to chicago! Follow the link if you'd like to see day one and also a video I made while I was there! XO!
love, polly :D