a peek at my new apartment..

Here is my room mate's cat, Axel (rose?), again.. he is quite the companion! Probably the sweetest cat ever next to Joao.
Here is my door (decoration in process!)
I got these sunglasses today at the University of Illinois costume and props sale for TEN CENTS! oh my god I got some amazing things! Can't wait to share with you!
The door to my closet. These are some paintings and
 drawings I did last year.
I got the hat for two dollars at the costume and props sale today, as well!
 Amazing, isn't it? :D
A view of my records and record player!
A shelf of mine in my room with some picture frames I found at Salvation Army and Goodwill. I got the pictures from my Great Grandma Polly (the one I was named after). She just celebrated her 95th birthday on the 4th of July and I was there with her.. she is truly an amazing person. She sews and paints everything.. she has SO many shoes (which she also paints). She is a very big inspiration in my life.
hope you have a lovely weekend,
love, polly :)


Summer 2010 nostalgia: a recap

I thought I'd wrap up the summer by posting one of each of my favorite outfit summer photos of 2010. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for all the kind words about my move.. they are much appreciated.. you're all so kind! :)
Just simply click the link underneath the pictures to see the actual post of the outfit!
love, polly :)


I am all moved in!

WOAH. I am not used to living an urban town such as Champaign-Urbana.. Everything is so alive and busy at what seems to be all hours of the day. The traffic is ridiculous and everything is expensive. Despite me being completely lost, my friend Lindsey (who used to live here) showed me around Urbana where we could get some sushi and frozen yogurt.
Meet Axel, my room mate's cat! This is him on my window ledge :)
I am currently sitting across the street at my apartment at this litte cafe called Cafe Paradiso. Hope you have a lovely week!
love, polly 


Mountains Beyond Mountains

This was another hot one.. aaand I ran into multiple spider webs! It was freaky because I kept feeling my back and hair for spiders after that. I used the same location as the last outfit shoot.. but went deeper into the woods..
LOVE this song!
Of course, when you go deeper into the woods there are bound to be more spiders and bugs swarming around you or in your ear.. But, all in all, it was a good time. The dress is by Periwinkle and is old. It's a size 12! Can you believe that? I cut off the bottom and hemmed it yesterday with my mom's sewing machine. She actually just bought me a new computerized project runway sewing machine for school (my major is costume design). It was one of my birthday gifts :)
Back last winter I was THE lady to buy granny boots from on Ebay. Okay, I wasn't.. but I pretty much sold 20 pairs of them over the winter! I made big bucks. But I couldn't resist getting these white wonders along the way!
They look so Edwardian! No?
I really appreciate all the friends I am making on blogspot and I am so thankful people appreciate my effort. Thank you so much for all your support. If you're interested in sponsoring me.. all you have to do is sponsor a giveaway on my blog and I'll list you for a whole month! Just email me at and let me know. My followers and comments are growing every day and I LOVE making new friends!
When I bought this dress my Grandma Kutch was with me.. She told me not to buy it because it was a 1950's dress.. I laughed and told her that was exactly the point! She is kind of burnt out on antiques now... which is sad but also lucky for me because she hands down a lot of her beautiful things to me. I am very lucky to have her in my life not only because she gives great advice and takes care of my cat, but she is one of the kindest, giving people I have ever encountered.
dress: vintage, Salvation Army, cut off & hemmed myself
circular train luggage: Flea Market in Edwardsville, Illinois, $3
vintage white vegan leather Edwardian granny boots: Ebay, $25
Necklace and matching earrings: family heirloom, my Great Great Grandmother Marie Frisina
cut off knee highs: Salvation Army, less than $1
belt: Goodwill, .99 cents
hair feather: Her Majesty's Creations (independent artist from Indiana), $15 
love, polly


Packin' it on up!

Hello! I am moving this Saturday to Urbana- Campaign to my new college! So right now my room is an absolute MESS and I am getting everything organized to move out! Yay! 
love, Polly


Just call me the suitcase lady!

Well, hello, there :) Thanks so much for coming to my little blog.
I just got this umbrella at Lisa's Antique Mall (see post below). It was 40 dollars! So expensive... but my mother bought it for me for my birthday. I think it is soo worth it :D
Happy National Thrift Store Day!
This shoot was rather cool! No mosquitoes, no sweating, no hot sun. Today was rather cloudy, actually.. I enjoyed it quite a bit. :)
I love the colors on this umbrella.. I have never seen anything quite like it!
shoes: $3 Goodwill
necklace: gift from an antique store in Rochester
umbrella: Lisa's Antique Mall
suitcase: $2.50 Salvation Army 
love, polly


Lisa's Antique Mall!

For my 21st birthday my Grandma Kutch, my mom, dad, and I took a trip on intersate 55 South and ventured to Lisa's Antique Malls. (Yeah! There were several!) This is what we found:
I've never seen a vintage lunchbox collection as big as this! Simply amazing. My Grandma Kutch (the one who used to own her own antique store) bought me the perfect lunchbox.. literally. I use it all the time! :)
This cute little record player. I already have my own.. or else I would have bought it :)
This pristine condition Singer sewing machine!
Beautiful rugs and mirrors GALORE!
I wanted to buy this trash can SO BAD but my father told me I was abusing my credit card.. lol. It was 8 dollars!
these old coke bottles!
This AMAZING vintage phone!
WOULD I EVER love to do my make up in this mirror every morning! It was so expensive, though! Close to 100 dollars! :o
This AMAZING vintage hair dryer. I WANT IT!!
This adorable cat music box for a pricey $32.50!
I WANT this sea foam green party set. Oh my GAA the parties I would have!
I really wanted these chairs and the matching ash tray..
Adorable fawn figurines.
Okay. I TOTALLY ogled over this purse. I saw them in a 20's fashion book and seeing one in person was MIND BLOWING! I HAD to touch it! I flipped out in the store.. I actually just won one of these on ebay for only 22 dollars ;D
These adorable owl book ends! So cute!
be back with more pictures later..
This is my new umbrella I found there! My mom and dad bought it for me... they spoil me!
love, polly