St. Louis Travels

Taking a trip to St. Louis over Valentine's Day weekend turned out to be the perfect mini road-trip. I haven't been to St. Louis in a few years and I really missed the vintage shopping and the Delmar Loop. On our trip we visited the City Museum which neither of us had explored before. I definitely recommend spending a night or two of your weekend exploring the STL City Museum (they have vintage shopping there, too!) 
For breakfast we visited the cutest little place on Cherokee Row called Mudhouse. They had an amazing vegan tofu scrambler and french toast with mascarpone. The location of Mudhouse is perfect, too, because of all the antiquing in the same neighborhood!
 Flowers and Weeds is also on my must-see flower shop list. It's FULL of plants, flowers and curiosities. 
Aside from the City Museum, Retro 101 was my favorite part of the trip because I found a dreamy blue prairie checkered dress that fits me like it was made for me! I'm never disappointed in St. Louis... .
Hellebore fresh-cut at Flowers and Weeds.
love, polly