breakfast series.

The idea capturing of breakfast is a really interesting concept to me. I want to try to document my breakfasts as much as possible so I can remember to try new things and think of new recipes or ideas. Ever since I posted about the inspirational blog, Simply Breakfast, I've been wanting to document my morning ritual. Here are the results:
I'd really like to document me eating a pineapple and an avocado, but that's a rare occurrence in the morning.. only sometimes :)
what do you like to eat for breakfast?
love, polly :)



(wish my mom still had this dress because I'd totally wear it!)
This was Easter when I was five; probably right before church. I don't get to spend Easter with my parents this year because my car broke down and I have SO much homework to do! It's an insane amount! I am so relieved school will be over in two weeks and I can start finally realizing my bow tie collection! I've been thinking about it a lot. I really would like to incorporate bow tie head bands and also belts along with the normal bow ties- except I am thinking of using snaps now because literally NO ONE knows how to tie a bow tie! Do you know how?
have a LOOOVELY Saturday! I'll be back with Suitcase Sunday tomorrow :)
love, polly


short film fashion

My friend Ben had an assignment for one of his art classes to make a video and he decided to use me! Yesterday we filmed in a park walking around in this dress with my suitcase and umbrella. It's a silent film with a soundtrack made by another student at the University of Illinois. It will become available *soon* on Vimeo soon for you to see! I'll share more about the concept of the video when it gets posted. For now, here are some stills that Ben took of me while filming :)
love, polly :)


Sponsor Giveaway: The Lovebot Factory

Meet Emily Kittybot. Jaco from The Lovebot Factory has been so kind to sew this cute little kitty bot just exclusively for my followers! Isn't she adorable? I'm in love with her!
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thank you so much to everyone who participates and especially to Jaco!
love, polly :)


Suitcase Sunday// Outfit edition!

well, hello! I thought I'd change it up this Sunday and share my favorite suitcase photos with you that I took all on my very own! I usually take one of my suitcases with me for a shoot, but sometimes I just take an umbrella, a good book, or my book bag (so maybe you haven't seen the extent of my suitcase collection!) Not to worry! That's what this post is FOR! :)
1. this is my make up case! It was the very first suitcase I have ever purchased! (also, the most expensive!) It's from Rebecca's Antiques in Taylorville, IL.
2. My amazing friend Nathan Adhikari took these photos last fall. I brought along two of my suitcases for the occasion :)
3. On a random trip back to Taylorville, I snapped these. I LOVE these flowers so much.
4. I took these photos last fall, I believe, in Taylorville. :) One of my favorite spots.
5. One of my room mates, Karla, took these photos of my suitcase collection and I in the fall of last year. It was exhausting transporting them all!
6. I love this little blue circular hat case. It was only 2 dollars.
7. This is probably my favorite suitcase photo I've taken. I just love the colors of these photos!
8. I feel like the shadows fit these photos so perfectly. I love how you can just make out that I am holding a suitcase!
9. This was the second photo shoot I did by myself. It was very unpleasant due to mosquitoes, I remember. But that's all in the past now, and they're pretty, right? haha!
love, polly :)


gets me to the church on time

It's been so rainy the past few days! Ick! But, I believe it's a sort of blessing in disguise due to the fact that I have research on two plays I am costume designing, I have to pattern a skirt, read 3 plays, do a watercolor painting, and write two pages of an 8-10 page paper. Oh, mami. Someone save me now? Haha, I snapped these photos a few days ago when it was super beautiful outside. I miss it so! Hopefully the weather can get back to beautiful soon so I can mosy around on more walks that include going to the park and lying down in the grass. I'd really like to do that again soon :)
outfit details: shoes from modcloth, pants from Goodwill, suitcase thrifted for two dollars, thrifted blouse from The Limited, hand made bow tie by me, glasses found at UofI costume and props sale for 50 cents, belt and matching earrings passed down to my mom and then to me from when my Grandmother Kutch bought them in the 1950's :)
hope you have a lovely day and lovelier weather than me right now!
love, polly