Paulie Antiques Floral Work Lately

I loved designing this arrangement for a friend who lives in my building. He saw my work and wanted to give something spectacular to his girlfriend for her birthday. I delivered with this, a 4 foot arrangement. She loves gold! What do you think? xo
love, polly


Return to New York City

 Returning to New York City last week was pretty emotional for me because it was only the second time I've been there. I moved there after graduating with my BFA in 2013 to pursue my dreams of being a costume designer in the big city but I quickly realized I was in over my head. When I moved there, it was my first time ever visiting NYC and I had this mentality that I was moving there for good. I was so naive and unexperienced- and there was a certain beauty in that young person I was once. Sometimes I feel as if she is gone altogether and I'm never going to be that adventurous crazy girl ever again. I am definitely more cautious these days and I realize what it really takes for me to be happy. Looking back now, I know moving to Chicago was a great choice because I am a small town girl building up to moving back to NYC or possibly Los Angeles. I feel so drawn to these cities and their energy.... they make me toss my inhibitions to the wind and I become very impulsive. 

The first day I arrived into New York was extremely humid and hot, just as I remembered it. My scalp was literally sweating and I had to carry around all my belongings with me in my huge ruck sack... which was the same one I moved to NYC with. As soon as I got into the city I went to central park, explored the floral district and Times Square before meeting up with Hannah in the West Village. We had dinner that night at a cute little place around the corner from her studio. The next day we went to the farmer's market, the fashion exhibit at the MET and Williamsburg to see the Psychic Twin show at Baby's All Right. Being back in Brooklyn was so inspiring and I wanted to visit every single store and every place I used to frequent, but there is never enough time on short trips like this. The third day I met up with my friends Nico and Charles and we went to a "I love gay hell" party in Brooklyn which I'll never forget. It was so incredible visiting NYC and seeing the people I love... I'm not as intimidated to move back there and it feels great to be self sufficient when I visit. The last day of the trip was spent exploring alone and I have to say that I love those days so much. I love to just wonder around the city and see what happens. What are your favorite things to do while visiting NYC?
love, polly

Cousin Tag | Paulie Antiques Show

I'm so happy that I could film a video with my first cousin Jaki... I love having my family come on the Paulie Antiques Show! I love having guests in general. Happy Wednesday! XO
love, polly