Outfit: Florida Keys Christmas

Traveling to the Florida Keys is a tradition in my family as you might have noticed... and after the year 2020 presented I decided to take my ticket and just go for it. I spent Thanksgiving alone while everyone else seemed to gather with their families. I did my best to always wear my mask and stay away from other people. It was so incredibly nice to be in the sun and swim in a heated pool. Seeing the palm trees and iguanas roaming around is also always a favorite part for me. I am really thankful I was able to spend the holiday with my parents seeing beautiful nature and we were able to eat our meals outside while distancing ourselves.
Happy New Year!
love, polly


Outfit: Not the End of the World

Has anyone been listening to the new Katy Perry (KP5) album? I just got the vinyl in the mail and I've been spinning it here and there.. I think my favorite album is Prism but this is a cute album and a cute idea! This look was inspired by Katy and the name of this post is one of my favorite songs on her new album! I can't wait to go see her live for her KP5 tour! Hopefully we get a safe and effective vaccine soon because I am also about to start attending my sonography clinical site where I will be working in a hospital for 3 days a week! I am very excited to get the hands on experience I've been craving with the public! I feel like as a wardrobe stylist and florist I bring a unique approach to medical imaging and the personal care aspect attracts me because I feel I help people feel a little more at ease when they are feeling nervous about their exams. I've been very hands on with wardrobe fittings and theatrical backstage assisting as well as assisting on commercial shoots and film sets with changing and alterations. I am hoping this translates nicely to the hospital setting and I hope to improve lives!

Outfit Details:
earrings: Tebi Clay
pink hair clip: Dear Thistle
blue dress: Oh Polly
Black hat: vintage
blue floral hat: vintage, for sale in my shop, Paulie Antiques
umbrella: Lisa's Antique Mall in Illinois
make up: Colour Pop
unicorn choker: handmade by Boya Baddie
love, polly

Outfit: Orange August

I've been obsessed with orange for years, but it really makes it clear that I have an obsession during this photoshoot... I think in retrospect that this could have used orange heels.. I guess that might need to become a mission of mine. Does the perfect pair of orange heels exist? I need help looking.. haha. Anyway.. I am another year older and here's hoping I'm wiser, too! No longer 29 and holding... I am proud to be 31 in all it's glory. 
these amazing orange hair clips are from Dear Thistle.. a local Chicago designer! She is so sweet... check out her designs!

I have passed my first year in ultrasound school which is pretty intense so far.. I just recently passed my SPI physics ultrasound board exam and it was so nerve racking. Most of my time is spent studying but I managed to snap these while on a small break in between semesters. It's been really hot in Chicago lately! 
This necklace and orange earrings are from Wolf and Moon.. my latest obsession! Aren't they incredible? 
outfit details:
orange clips: Dear Thistle
orange necklace & earrings: Wolf & Moon

love, polly