Outfit: I'm All Eyes

Lately, I feel I have a super sensitivity to oras and light emitting from human beings... and by lately- I mean the past couple of years. It seems that I couldn't possibly be wrong about the intentions of a human being after closely examining their body language up close and also from a distance. I would like to think I have something like a provincial eye for these kind of things.... I wonder often if it's because of my recent obsession with practicing yoga and meditation. Meditation helped me overcome depression- it's so powerful! Another thing about this outfit is the "Seeing Eye" earrings c/o Now Or Never jewelry. The seeing eye reminds me very much of Egyptians and with this wig I am wearing I felt a little like Cleopatra (or at least the Katy Perry version of Cleopatra... haha!) I also love symbolism of the Eye of Ra in ancient Egypt and how it represents royal power, protection and good health. 
I love these earrings from Now or Never jewelry so much! I get compliments on them where ever I go and I like to think that they resemble the illuminati symbol of the seeing eye (which I am really intrigued by.)
Outfit Details: Dress: Vintage, Beatnix Chicago in Boystown
"Polly" Necklace: Navy Pier Chicago artist booth
Eye Earrings: c/o Now or Never Jewelry
Purse, Gloves, Hair Net Fascinator: Vintage
Belt: Salvation Army
love, polly


Buckingham Fountain Chicago

  I went to Navy Pier yesterday and walked around Buckingham Fountain, too. The weather was a complete dream and I even ate a churro sundae and had photo-booth photos taken at Navy Pier. Successful day off! Of course it wouldn't be spring without me taking tons of photos with the flowering trees, now would it? :)
love, polly

Outfit: Lincoln Park Conservatory Flower Show

The Chicago Lincoln Park Conservatory Flower Show was amazing! I can't believe admission into this gem of a greenhouse is FREE! Easily one of my favorite places in Chicago by a landslide! I highly recommend visiting here if you're in Chicago

Outfit Details: Dress: Vintage
Shoes: c/o BAIT Footwear
Necklace: c/o Salvage & Stone
photos by Dillon
love, polly