Charlotte Jane Memorial Cemetery in Coconut Grove, Miami

 Back in December 2020 my parents and I visited the historic Charlotte Jane Memorial Cemetery in Coconut Grove in between our tours of tropical gardens in the area. This cemetery is rumored to be part of the inspiration for Michael Jackson's Thriller music video. I saw this graveyard from the road and immediately was intrigued. I have loved roaming graves for years, but I've never been to a cemetery as thrilling as this! Back in 2016 I visited Nola on a solo trip and explored many historic cemeteries alone. I love reading what the epitaphs say.. I love seeing how old the dates are. 

I don't think my parents totally understand my obsession but they humored me and joined me on the little tour. Thanks for humoring my love of morbid things, Mom & Dad! <3

thanks for taking a look. Do you enjoy visiting cemeteries? What's your favorite part?

love, polly