Edited or not: a series of out-takes

So, every once in a while I do an out take post because some photos are good and I just forget about them, or they are hilarious out takes. Enjoy. 
Plus, some of these are pretty funny and I love to have a little more humor on this blog :)
Happy Thursday! Do you ever post out-takes on your blog?
love, polly


Summer Nostalgia

love, polly

my favorite places in Champaign-Urbana: Le Shoppe

This is my friend Stanley Lee and he owns a vintage shop in Champaign, IL located on University Ave. We have been talking about collaborating for quite some time now, and I wanted to introduce you to him and his shop so you get a sense of his style. He is such an interesting person and I really enjoy looking through his store and just haning out with him in general. You can also follow him on instagram at @socalledjunk and visit his facebook page. I am so excited to collaborate with you, Stanley!
p.s. what are your favorite items in his shop?
love, polly :)


Lavish Handcrafted Soaps!

I am thrilled that the wonderful creators over at Lavish Handcrafted sent me some soaps to review and also give away to my lucky readers! (More info on the giveaway soon!) I'm going to spend the next few days testing and writing about the soaps and picking some favorites. It's very hard to choose, they're all so beautiful and sweet smelling! Please visit and "like" their facebook page if you love the designs and the store! My favorite so far are the natural and animal soaps :)
love, polly

Paulie Antiques Vintage Lookbook Summer 2012 Recap

Here are the Summer 2012 Paulie Antiques photo shoots styled by me. They are sorted by the models name. Click on the link to visit that particular post! I can't wait to share some of my designs for Fall with you! Enjoy! 
1. Hannah
3. Hannah
6. Hannah
love, polly