Outfit: I Love the Mystery of You

 After my 30th birthday brunch last month, I was talking to Nathan Adhikari about how we haven't done a shoot in years. Literally. YEARS! So I proposed this awesome mural by Tara McPherson as the location for our shoot. I tried to match it as well as I could. I've been eyeing this mural from the street for a few months now and the first time I saw it my mouth dropped open and I gasped and immediately wrote down the location. Haha. What a fun impromptu shoot, Nathan! Thanks for always being up for my ideas and crazy adventures.
In other news, this post is named after a song by Ric Ocasek.. one of my favorite singers who was a lead singer in The Cars. He passed away last week and I've been so sad but re-watching his music videos and discovering even more of his music has kept me going. Thank you for your amazing contribution to the world, Ric. You will be missed and you are a legend. XO

Special thanks to the woman at the Green Mill who gave me this necklace after I complimented her on it...
earrings c/o Now or Never Jewelry
All photos by Nathan Adhikari 
love, polly

Japan Travels

Japan was everything I expected and more for my first solo international trip. I had a fabulous host, Austin, who is teaching english and so graciously hosted me for a week. He showed me his favorite spots to eat, drink, hang out.. and we stumbled upon some new places to explore, too. I was amazed at how quiet the bullet trains are... I saw someone actually scolding someone else for talking on the phone. No one makes a peep! So different from the United States. Japan, you are one special country and I can't wait to return soon!

Annika and I finally met after the better part of a decade! :) We immediately got along so well and she even helped me navigate the Tokyo train system all by myself! We took some purikura photos and shopped around Koenji for vintage clothes! Thanks for the ramen, Annika! You're an absolute angel. Check out my interview with her here!

love, polly