a sneak peek at my upcoming bow tie designs!

Hi, lovies! This is a TINY sneak peek at what to expect in my online store, the littlest polly, come July 20th. I am introducing at least five new shabby chic bow tie designs in fabric you have never seen before! I've altered the bow ties into bow tie chokers because (you guessed it..) tying bow ties is a dying art form! No more tying involved, now!
If you'd like to special request a normal bow tie that you can actually tie.. drop me an email. I am so excited for this line because my wonderful photographer Nathan Adhikari has agreed to a bow tie photo shoot with models! I am too excited to do the styling! Can't wait to share with you!♥
love, polly :)

She lived alone, except for a nameless cat.

When I was little, Moon River was one of my FAVORITE songs to play on the piano. While this most certainly isn't my favorite Audrey Hepburn film (dare I say!) I still love to play it to this day (and now, I have it on vinyl, too!). I found this song appropriate for this outfit because of the old feeling I wanted. I bought this petticoat on ebay some time ago.. but couldn't find the right dress to go over it. It baffled me and so I hung it up in my closet for a few weeks until I really had time to create something beautiful with it. I love the striking yellow hue of it.. and it is literally overwhelming in my closet! I had to put in a nail above all of my clothing in my closet just so I could hang it. It's rather nice when you look up in my closet, though, because all you see is just this beautifully romantic yellow tulle like puff! If you'd like to see me play piano, click here.
love, polly :)


7/4 Shoreline

I've been meaning to photograph this outfit for a while now. I wore it to work last week and thought it needed to see my blog before I completely forget about it!
outfit details:
pleated vintage skirt from goodwill
Jeffrey Campbell wedges from Modcloth
vintage yellow bracelet from my mother
vintage blue circular suitcase from a flea market
vintage blue scarf tied around my neck- my mother
aqua belt- U of I costume and props sale
vintage tulle hat- goodwill
love, polly 


Weekend in Chicago

This weekend in Chicago was too short! I loved it, though. It was SO nice to see my friend, Emily Marie! I haven't visited her since she moved to Chicago (we used to live together in Edwardsville last year..). Here are some shots from my trip. We shared burritos and milkshakes, ate falafels, petted many a cat, saw so many thrift stores, I had my first American Apparel visit (wooooo- I want everything there!)

Emily is a wonderful and inspiring person. I always enjoy our conversations. I hope she doesn't get mad at me for doing this.. but here is a link to one of her adorable music videos! (Here is a link to her youtube channel)

Emily Marie-Forget
 Here's a little of what I picked up thrifting..
OH MY GOODNESS. Let me just tell YOU that I lost my footing when I saw these beautiful celluloid earrings from the 1950's! I just HAD to purchase them! I also got this Carly Simon record for a dollar at Reckless Records with Emily. We really had a great time!
love, polly


The Lovebot Factory//giveaway aftermath!

You might remember the wonderful giveaway my sponsor, Jaco, from The Lovebot Factory. This lovely cat bot plushie was specially made for my followers! Isn't she cute? This is the random winner with the plushie<3 Thank you so much for taking pictures for me, Meredith!
And... thank you so much to The Lovebot Factory!
love, polly :)


Outfit: something about the way you taste makes me wanna clear my throat.

I drew this at work the other day (Dandelion Vintage). It was refreshing to design something.. I love designing items when I feel like it!!
I found this vintage vanity fair night gown today at Salvation Army. I are trying to go as much as possible because we need to find him a *dark green* vintage dress up shirt for a special photo shoot coming up soon! No luck so far but at least I found something! ha ha!
Happy Friday to everyone!! Hope it's great! I had a very productive meeting last night with my director and producer (a new addition to our team- Alexis!) about the upcoming music video we are shooting called, "Midnight Love." I LOVE the song and have so many ideas about the costume design! Can't wait to show you sneek peeks!! Here is the song, if you'd like to hear it!

outfit details:
vintage Vanity Fair nightgown, part of the Paulie Antiques collection
vintage vegan laced up booties
vintage floral hat- Carrie's
blazer- my great grandma Polly's
1920's ring- Carrie's
antique necklace- my Great Great Grandmother Maria Berta Frisina's
love, polly


What is life without fashion?

Hi! Hi! Hi! It's time to introduce you to my new favorite style obsession: Fashion Forestry! WOW. Boy has she ever got style! I wish I had every single one of her wonderful hats and she has some amazing jewelry and clothing. I just can't get over how much I adore her style!!
I am totally obsessed with this outfit. The colors are so astonishing!! And did you see her purse? It's made out of a Barbie!!!
hope you enjoyed all her photos! To see more of her style, you can browse her wardrobe archive.
love, polly :)