outfit favorites 2012: year in review

Since I usually do a year in review post (or two) I thought I'd not break tradition and display my favorites of 2012 here. Of course there are a few I've left out, but you can see all of them in my wardrobe archive.  Here are my favorite outfits from 2011 and 2010, too!
Happy (almost) 2013 from me to you! What are your resolutions? One of mine is to take more outfit photos!
love, polly :)


My best friend, Lauren's headshots!

Today I took my best friend's headshots (the last two and the ones with her hair in her face aren't for her headshot... I'm just obsessed with them!) She's getting ready to graduate from DePaul (Chicago, IL) with a degree in Acting. She's always wanted to be an actress since we were little girls. I remember her telling me about her dream of winning Oscars and Academy Awards when I was so small and I wondered how she'd come up with such an idea. I never had a real dream of my own until I decided after my first year of college that I wanted to design costumes for the movies. I knew then, that dream would develop into something beautiful... which eventually became Paulie Antiques. Growing up around Lauren has made my life meaningful and worthwhile. She reaches for the highest stars with her dreams.... and that inspired me to do the same. Thank you for the courage to believe in my dreams, Lauren.... I love you more than I can ever show.
love, your best friend polly


Paulie Antiques Hats for Sale

A couple of weeks ago my friend Hannah and I decided to go on a little adventure with about ten of my hats that are for sale. We brought some props like a vintage mirror, blue hydrangeas and a teacup. We had a lot of fun and the weather was pretty nice. So, here you have it..... a shop update of my finest hats I am willing to part with! Enjoy! :)
love, polly :)


Paulie Antiques Winter 2013 Lookbook!

These were shot out in St. Joseph, IL, yesterday not far from the location where Joao was lost. It turns out that my new friends Robert and Thena have a 100 acre farm (on which Joao lived for 3 months) with absolutely breath-taking woods. They were unfortunately sick with the flu when we visited the location yesterday, but we thank them so much for letting us photograph on their land (and returning my cat to me)! The winter here has been so mild, lately.... barely even nipping at my ears and toes. It felt a little rushed and chilled at this shoot, and I'm so pleased my idea of candles worked well and kept the girls warm. I wanted to introduce the idea of natural hydrangea flowers in their hair, again, because of the dead feeling of the earth around us. Colorful hydrangeas will appear again in the spring time :) Enjoy the photos........................
Models: Allegra and Elena Wentworth
Photographer: the astonishing Nathan Adhikari (Adhikari Photography)
some photos I took:
Allegra is wearing: a 1960's polka dotted halter dress available soon at Paulie Antiques, my Great Grandmother Frisina's golden 1960's gloves with yellow rhinestone buttons at the wrist, vintage 1980's pink heeled booties, a 1950's fur trim jacket, and grapefruit slice earrings made by me.
Elena is wearing: a vintage ostrich fur muff and matching hat, vintage white buttoned gloves, white heels available soon at Paulie Antiques, a 1950's bright pink dress available soon at Paulie Antiques, and peach slice earrings made by me.
love, polly