Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Yesterday was my Dad's 53rd birthday and we had the best time. I really enjoyed spending time with my parents because they are hilarious and I really don't get to come home that often. I got him two cupcakes with "53" candles and a handmade card.... he really loved it. It feels so nice to give back to those who've given you so much in life. Thank you for everything you've done for me in my life... your kindness and generosity is astounding. I love you, Dad! Happy Birthday!!
love your daughter, polly 

An apartment tour with Brandon Lee Satterfield

I've been wanting to do an apartment tour with Brandon ever since the first day we met. He has such a retro pad in every sense of the word. Brandon is a graphic designer who lives and works in Champaign, Illinois. His adorable cat, June, was a good sport during the shoot and I was so happy for that! Brandon is Alex's boyfriend... you probably remember Alex's apartment tour from last week! They both have created such inspiring spaces to live in and I love being in their company. Brandon loves shopping at Carrie's (my favorite antique store in town), Furniture Lounge, Salvation Army, and Goodwill. He is one of the only stylish men I know who dares to wear fur and I love it! We also share a mutual love of an antique store in St. Joseph called Winter Wheat... but who wouldn't love that place? Anyway.... enjoy Brandon's apartment!
I always feel so comfortable when I am here... what is your favorite part about Brandon's apartment?
love, polly


The colors I paint everything are to cover the past

Hannah and I took a little adventure to a parking garage last week.... we brought my Grandmother's tambourine and sang a little, but it was freezing. We are trying to plan her blog, as well. I am excited to see where fashion blogging will take Hannah... she'll be in New York next year and I still don't know where I'll be.... but I've got a few leads. Life is such a journey..... and I want to have all of the adventures possible. Look out! Hope you're having a creative weekend!
love, polly


An apartment tour with Alex Reed Thompson

Meet Alex Reed Thompson and his cat, Q. Alex is a hair and makeup artist living in Champaign, and Nathan and I are excited to collaborate with him for a future photo shoot! This is his apartment which I have so often been stunned by. He has created a unicorn, taxidermy cat palace which never ceases to intrigue me every single time I step foot into his apartment. He collects crucifixes, taxidermy, unicorn memorabilia, owl memorabilia,  post mortem photography, skulls and antlers, witchcraft and fashion books, pillows, mirrors and amazing VHS movies from childhood (from what I've seen thus far!). It's always a good time at his apartment, and I feel right at home... even with his taxidermy raccoon! Haha..... Enjoy!

*all photos above taken by Nathan Adhikari
*photos below taken by me
We love you, Alex! Thanks for letting us into your creative haven... we can't wait to collaborate with you! What is your favorite part about Alex's apartment?
love, polly