Outfit: Pink Velvet

 When Samantha Hylla contacted me about working together- it was a year or so ago. We had been meaning to meet in person, but things fell wayside until only a couple of weeks ago. We met up in Allerton Park in Monticello for a quick shoot. The sun was intense but we had fun talking anyway. This dress twirls and swirls in the most wonderful way, and I bought it while visiting Red Velvet for the second time! It was such a wonderful trip with my friends! It was really nice meeting you, Samantha! Thank you for the wonderful photos!
 Outfit Details: dress- Red Velvet (Elsie Larson & Emma Chapman's old store in Springfield, MO, USA)
shoes- c/o YesWalker
gloves- vintage
hat- vintage, Adrienne Weber
parasol- Dallas & Co.
lip stain- Revlon in Gothic
See this outfit on Teen Vogue!
love, polly


Pitter panter of the rain only warps my mind in the morning. Now is the time to prove myself and I've never felt more knots in my head. Back to the cigarettes after what seems like years but has only been months. Addiction may grip ahold of me for now, but there's so much more to young life. I've been sleeping more than I'm used to. Thinking about the future is a dooze. I know my time will come, but when? There are so many things I want to do, want to change. Who am I to want these things for myself? Who gave me these ideas? Did I create them myself or am I a product of social media and distraction for some without real achievement? Now is the time. I haven't written in a very long time... I'm always perturbed by the need to write, it usually means inspiration is coming on. That is why I started this journal, in truths. I always strive to be as truthful as possible in this space, and to you. I hope this feeling lasts. I want to disappear into abyss until I can figure out what it means.... but I know that is impossible. My belongings are scattered throughout my Mother and Father's house and I feel a bit lost. As I've read by some, I spin lono. We will see what becomes of this love-stained mess.
love, polly



I've always loved photos from my childhood because of course no one remembers much from a very young age. It's a way to jog your memory or at least see what you used to be like and how you used to act. I can definitely see some of my personality traits in these photos that make me the person I am today. Thank you for taking so much time to get me dressed in the morning, Mom. I'd like to think that it's beginning to pay off. Thank you for acting as my costume designer on Halloween, as well. That's another reason why Halloween is my favorite time of year! What childhood memories stick out most to you? XO!
love, polly


Designing Singer Emily Otnes' Album Cover

When my friend Emily Otnes asked me to style her album cover and music video... I was thrilled! Collaborating with her on exactly what she wanted was so much fun and she loved all the props I suggested such as these paper lanterns, vintage suitcase and pillows, vintage knitted blanket and fresh hydrangeas (my trademark!). We also included glitter and confetti which is always fun to work with. Thank you for trusting my vision, Emily! I am so glad we got to work together! Thank you to Anna Longworth who shot and edited these photos, and to Hannah Gottlieb-Graham who assisted with lighting.
 Me, touching up Emily's lipstick. This was such a fun shoot! I loved helping her with her make up and painting her nails as well as styling her outfit, props, and the flowers in her hair. I am definitely in my element in these shots. So Happy .
Thank you so much once more to everyone involved with this shoot. I am very proud to say this is my work. Thank you to my beautiful friend Karin Kirsten of Wunderlust who so generously gifted this flower crown to me that Emily is sporting! Thank you to Elsie Larson for gifting me this beautiful headscarf I am wearing in these behind the scenes photos... Elsie, you're such a wonderful and giving person. If you'd like to hear some of Emily's music that will be available on her album on iTunes come Fall 2013, visit her youtube channel and Bandcamp! We're rooting for you, Emily! I love you inside and out and only wish you success.
*Styling, Make-up and Set Design by Polly Bland
love, polly


Outfit: TV taught me how to feel, now real life has no appeal

I've been so obsessed with "Oh No!" by Marina & the Diamonds for the past few days and it has really been helping me stay motivated and happy. I spent a few hours today hemming this floor length dress, so I figured I might as well snap some photos of it today. Welcome once again to my blue and pink color scheme :) Have a lovely Sunday! I am off to work with my graphic designer on my digital portfolio! MUAH!
Outfit details: Dress- vintage, estate sale, I hemmed it myself today! 
shoes- vintage, St. Louis thrift last year
feather fascinator- made by me, Paulie Antiques (a variety for sale soon)
phone- Adrienne Weber's childhood phone (thanks, Adrienne!)
nail polish- Essie "A Cut Above"
lipstick- Sephora, Rouge Artist Intense #40
love, polly