Outfit: Burning Photographs

These adorable shoes are courtesy of Bait Footwear and I adore them so so much. The color is perfect and so is the t-strap. They remind me of the 1970's with the chunky heel, too! They are just my style and very easy to walk in! I definitely recommend them! You should also check out Bait Footwear's website! XO
Thanks so much to my wonderful friends, Anna Longworth and Hannah for coming with me on this shoot!
Outfit details: shoes: c/o Bait Footwear Nana Flush heels
Tights: from my mother
Coat: Salvation Army (union label)
Pink socks: from my mother
Yellow skirt: Pendleton, Salvation Army
Blue bodess with peplum and lace peter pan collar: 1950's, local estate sale (I sewed on new buttons!)
*the glitter we are blowing is green rock glitter from Hobby Lobby (it's heavier and produces a better effect than the light weight glitter that is usually available!)
love, polly


Springfield, Missouri Road Trip

This is just a random mash up of amazing places in Springfield, MO my friends and I visited while on our little road trip. We had fun and got to know each other a little more on the way. It was a little chilly out, but that didn't stop us from exploring and having a great time. I love road trips! We stayed in a cute little hotel with a kitchen where we could also make our own meals! Enjoy.......

 Have you been to Springfield, MO? You should really visit.... it's so much fun!
love, polly :)


Irene Andsager for Paulie Antiques Winter 2013

Last Monday we shot a new model I met at a Thai restaurant called Nitaya (by the Art Theatre in Champaign). She was so incredibly sweet and kind and I knew that I wanted to use her as a model immediately! I kicked myself for not having my card and wrote my number, e-mail, and blog url down on a piece of paper for her. She eventually e-mailed me saying she wanted to model and I was so thrilled. It was unbelievably chilly and unfortunately we were only able to shoot for less than 20 minutes before the cold got the better of our model! We have yet to re-shoot this outfit.... but I thought I'd share the process photos, regarless. I have so many more plans for this shoot! I can't wait to show you the rest...... Thanks so much to Irene and her mother for transportation and helping with lighting. 
Irene's outfit: vintage 1970's dress available soon at Paulie Antiques
my Great Grandmother Frisina's gloves
vintage pink socks
my mother's vintage mink fur shawl from my Great Grandmother Frisina
vintage flower brooch available at Paulie Antiques
1980's white heels
my mother's 1960's pink necklace with gold hardware
light blue vintage phone- available at Paulie Antiques
love, polly