Anna & Hannah Visit Chicago

Anna & Hannah visited Chicago last week and we had such a great time. I am so happy we could all come together again and laugh and catch up on each other's lives. We  walked out to frozen Montrose Beach, went to Julius Meinl for coffee and crepes, flower shopping in Uptown and also coffee at the new Heritage Bicycles & Coffee in Uptown. I love you guys! Many more adventures to come! 
love, polly

My Chicago Studio Tour

It's taken me a lot of time, effort and work to get here, but I am proud to say I've made it in Chicago and I love my little studio! I've found great people and wonderful places in Chicago and I'm just getting started. I can't wait to share more beautiful places with you on my blog. I live in Uptown on Montrose Beach! Spring is coming and I'm so excited to go to the beach every day. Which photo is your favorite??
love, polly


Favorite Posts of 2014

Hi, friends.... I was almost afraid to take a look back to the year-in-full of 2014 because it was a year of uncertainty for me. I moved to New York City by myself in 2013 and after I moved back I was devastated. I felt like I had failed and people kept asking me why I left New York City. I felt a lack of response on my end- I had little direction as where to go next. I had little motivation to make that next step. I started working at an antique shop called Rebecca's Antiques Where I grew to know Rebecca Steiner. I eventually got an internship this year with the Goodman Theatre so I moved to Chicago to live with my best friend Lauren Blakeman. I got my own studio and a full time job after the paid internship ended and here I am now. Looking back on 2014 wasn't as bad as I expected- I actually did a lot this year, too. I hope your life is happy wherever you are. Thank you for being here and reading these words. Happy 2015! Here are some of my favorite posts of mine in 2014:
love, polly