Although this short film parodies Kate Winslet as the "BEST ACTRESS OF ALL TIME," I think it is quite debatable that she, in fact, is. If you have been reading my blog for some time, you will know that Kate Winslet is absolutely hands down my favorite actress in the world and a small portion of my body (my left arm, specifically) is dedicated in ink to the role she played in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I thoroughly enjoy the works of Matthew Frost and this video with Kate is just the hammer hitting the nail on the head. What a unique and self aware presence Kate always holds.... she is truly a goddess in all aspects and humble to boot. In an insecure moment after a mediocre interview, she wonders who the best actress of all time really is- so she googles it. She eventually is surprised to find a photo of herself. I love you, Kate Winslet!
love, polly


New York City and why I left....

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After living in New York City for about 2 1/2 months... I started to realize that it wasn't worth it to me. This is not to say that I thought the people I love in that city are not worth staying for- because that is not the case at all. I just honestly thought about how far away I was from my family and how I could not afford to even come home for Christmas this year to see them if I kept living there. I really had a great time at my internship with Lori Goldstein and working in the iLuminate Costume Shop. My living situation started to get stressful- and I didn't have the money to move to another place due to lack of security deposit money. Every person I spoke to on Craigslist wanted a big security deposit or either a year's lease. I decided to come back to my hometown, Taylorville, Illinois, to rest and keep applying to more concrete jobs and opportunities. I am lucky enough to have my parents take me back for a short time while I am trying to get the best opportunity I possibly can. I also really didn't dig the stressed out vibe in NYC- and how dirty it is. I am truly a midwest girl at heart....and I love wide open spaces. This is definitely an adjustment period. I am hoping to visit California in the next year and possibly land a job there... but I might start out in Chicago, first. Who knows where my next adventure will unfold :) Thanks for being here and thank you for being YOU. I like to stay pretty honest to you guys on this blog of mine. I want to tell you everything. I don't even record my thoughts in a paper diary anymore- so, this might be the result- brutal honesty... but in a good way. XO
*all photos taken by me in Taylorville, IL with my canon 50 mm lens mounted on my Lumix GF3.
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Halloween in New York City's West Village

 This year's Halloween was extra special because I spent it at the Village Parade on the streets of the West Village in New York City. I took the A train down to the W4 stop and as soon as I got off it was madness. Everyone was walking around in their own unique costume laughing with their friends and trying to find the perfect spot to watch the parade. It ended up being very packed on both sides of the street, but my new friends and I managed to get a pretty great spot up front.... just close enough to see a few Miley Cyrus costumes.... those were my absolute favorite- and I couldn't stop giggling about them! The streets were so packed full of people and my friend and I went to a local bar to drink some strawberry sangria and watch the crowd. There were burlesque and sex shops everywhere in the area, so we partook in those, too. The West Village will definitely always hold a special place in my heart. It's such a unique place. I love it!!!
 And as for my costume- EVERYONE kept yelling, "Katy Perry!" at me on the streets! I ended up giving in and when random people I didn't know asked me what I was- I'd say Katy Perry. Although this new blue wig I just bought is actually sold by Katy Perry's company- I'm not Katy Perry... I'm just me :) But I definitely love Katy Perry...... a lot! Have you seen her movie?? It is SO incredibly real & inspirational! She's so great!
 My new friend Tacey!
 Tacey and her friend Michelle on the streets of the West Village.....
 It wouldn't be Halloween without snakes, now would it? I hope your Halloween was as great as you hoped it would be!!!! Happy Hallow's Eve!
love, polly