Japan Travels

Japan was everything I expected and more for my first solo international trip. I had a fabulous host, Austin, who is teaching english and so graciously hosted me for a week. He showed me his favorite spots to eat, drink, hang out.. and we stumbled upon some new places to explore, too. I was amazed at how quiet the bullet trains are... I saw someone actually scolding someone else for talking on the phone. No one makes a peep! So different from the United States. Japan, you are one special country and I can't wait to return soon!

Annika and I finally met after the better part of a decade! :) We immediately got along so well and she even helped me navigate the Tokyo train system all by myself! We took some purikura photos and shopped around Koenji for vintage clothes! Thanks for the ramen, Annika! You're an absolute angel. Check out my interview with her here!

love, polly