Reader Question: What camera do I use?

So one question that I get a lot is, "What kind of camera do you have?" or "What kind of lens are you using?" The answer is I shoot with a LUMIX GF3 with a 20 mm pancake lens. The camera is quite small and I am able to even fit it in a medium to small purse (if I am ever carrying one). It records killer HD video and the shutter speed is always impressing me with how fast it is. There are so many different settings available and manual focus is also an option that I love having! The depth of field available with this 20 mm lens is phenomenal up close. Anddddd the kicker... you can take off the lens! I'm planning on buying a 50 mm lens for it as soon as I can!
I hope this helped answer any questions. XOXO
love, polly :D


Paulie Antiques look book #5!

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This is my sweet and hilarious friend Alli. We've been friends since high school because my best friend grew up in the same town as Alli. I visited her often and then became friends with Alli... and then we ended up going to the same college together! Small state of Illinois. Anyway, it was quite hot when we took these photos, but such a beautiful day. Alli actually wore gloves instead of these knee highs in the runway show because we didn't have enough time to change her into the socks! But they really pull the whole outfit together for me, at least!
love, polly :D
* the skirt and the top are made by me


Paulie Antiques look book #4

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I met up with my friend Hannah yesterday to shoot her outfit she wore in my Paulie Antiques fashion show. She is a blast. I was excited to see the look on her face when she saw the "Handy Hannah" hair dryer I bought for her to pose with. It's the little things in life...... :)
love, polly
*the skirt and blouse Hannah is wearing are hand made by me


outfit: so I'll be out til the shimmering dies

Since this year I am trying new things... here are two new (ish) items I'm trying to incorporate into more of my outfits. Number one: PANTS, number two: wearing my hair up! Now that I have a job as a waitress at a fancy french restaurant and I have to wear my hair up every day I work there I have realized that I need to expand my hair styles. I hate getting stuck in a rut and getting bored with my hair... but I've pretty much worn it the same way my whole life. I see all of these cute hair tutorials and I don't even bother because I just deem my hair as unruly and messy. It's so uncontrollable sometimes that I hate putting it up or even messing with it at all. It seems that nothing will smooth my curly fly-aways, so I just leave it down.
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Also, while I was shopping for black clothing at Salvation Army (for work) I stumbled upon these pants and I couldn't pass them up for anything. I feel like they should be in a 1970's Sears Catalog Ad! 
outfit details:
vintage 1980's lace gloves: my mothers
vintage 1980's blue bow heels: Salvation Army in Springfield, IL
Vintage 1970's Sears bell bottoms: Salvation Army in Springfield, IL
vintage white metal necklace: gift
yellow suitcase: gift 
sunglasses: borrowed
vintage 1980's black and white striped blouse: Salvation Army in Springfield, IL
1950's floral German earrings: my Grandmother Kutch
I hope you're having a nice week...!
love, polly :D


outfit: get out and get under the moon...

I've been so obsessed with this song, lately... I think I really need to buy it on vinyl. It's totally something I'd play in my brick and mortar Paulie Antiques boutique.... yes, I've been dreaming A LOT lately... I know what the sign, the hangers, the colors, and the racks will look like. I just really NEED this dream to become reality so badly. Dream big or go home, right?
Haha... it was so hot out today! Probably why I'm not smiling in any of these.
outfit details: 1960's Pink Lace Cocktail Dress: Dandelion Vintage
Taupe Heels: Modcloth
Pink Fabric Belt: Goodwill
1950's Flower Crown- c/o Figmint Vintage
Vintage suitcase- c/o Jess Prichard
Sunglasses- Borrowed
love, polly :D


Shabby Apple $50 Giveaway (closed)!

Hi, there! I am so excited to be offering a $50 Shabby Apple gift card to one lucky reader of mine! When Madison from Shabby Apple contacted me about having a giveaway I got really giddy! I love their vintage inspired clothing and swimsuits, too! It's all too adorable.
2. Leave your comment below with your name and what you'd buy with the gift card!
Good Luck to everyone!
love, polly :D


Nico Brown for Paulie Antiques Spring 2012!

I want to introduce you to my handsome model, Nico! He was kind enough to walk in my Paulie Antiques runway fashion show a few weeks back wearing this exact outfit. I made the bow tie and styled the suitcase as well as styled his outfit (but I didn't have to do much, he's already so stylish!) Thanks for everything, Nico! Have a great summer!
love, polly

To you, Mom!

Mom, you are crazy and I love you! When I look at these photos of you around my age it reminds me how alike we really are. Thank you for your support. Thank you for being a best friend and also a mom. I really appreciate it. I love you so much and thank you for all of our great times together... we have many more to come. XOXO!
Happy Mother's Day!
love, polly :D


Spring photo shoot with Anna, Allegra, and Hannah!

Yesterday we had a little girl time that was so much fun and much needed! My friends Anna, Allegra, Hannah and I all got together for a little afternoon photo shoot and I brought along my box of spray painted hydrangeas and a couple of my umbrellas. I didn't know if we'd use them or not, but I'm so glad we did! We laughed so much taking the photos and I really enjoyed taking photos with Anna and Hannah's amazing cameras. We got frozen custard after the shoot and it was all smiles. I love these girls! 
My tattoo, photographed by Hannah with film...
Me placing my hydrangeas in Allegra and Hannah's hair....
The lovely photographer, Anna, and I!
This is my beautiful friend, Allegra. Remember her as one of the faces of Paulie Antiques?
All photos taken by Anna Longworth and Hannah . They have such an eye for color! I love how these turned out! Can't wait for the next shoot with them. XO.
love, polly :D


obsessed with ochre

Since creating my wardrobe archive I can really see the trends in my outfits and what colors I wear most. Yellow ochre has been my favorite color for a few years now, but I guess I didn't really realize just how much I actually wear it until this year. My teachers gave me a yellow ochre 1920's beaded dress to curate and write a paper on this semester and I asked them how they knew I'd love it and they simply replied with, "Well, you wear it almost every day!" Haha! They know me better than I know myself! What is your favorite color? Is it always evident in your wardrobe? Do you try to collect that color of clothing as much as possible?
Happy Tuesday!
love, polly


10 days of family (day seven)

This is a video I took a month or so ago at the Taylorville Nursing home when we went to visit my Grandma Polly. I love how colorful and witty she still is. 
love, polly

Allerton Park

I went to Allerton Park today and it was the absolute perfect weather just for the occasion. I loved it so much and I can't wait to go back!
Is Spring prompting you to go on adventures, too? Tell me about them! I love new ideas for new adventures! :)
love, polly