Coconut Yogurt Ginger Almond Milk Pops

These pops are especially refreshing for someone who's looking for a cold milky summer popsicle, and it's nice because the fresh diced ginger chunks in these make them savory and a bit spicy. I really enjoyed them. I sprinkled a bit of powdered ginger on top.

Recipe: a handful of fresh chopped ginger bits
1/2 cup almond milk
1 cup of vegan coconut strawberry yogurt (as in a cup of yogurt you buy at the store)
1 banana
Place in the blender and blend! Pour into your popsicle molds and freeze for a few hours. XO
love, polly


The Importance of Being Silly

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Hey, guys! So I have a question for you... how important do you think it is to show your silly side on your blog? Do you want to see more silly posts from me? I'm a VERY silly person and it's probably because of how loud and goofy my family and friends are. I just wanted to pop in to say Happy Saturday. I'm pretty silly in my youtube videos and I'd like to think some of my outfit out-takes are silly, too. I love to make people laugh! It's my favorite thing. Speaking of silliness, has anyone seen Katy Perry's new music video? I'm in love with how silly it is and it inspired this post! XO
Outfit details: Pink Nerd Glasses c/o Sunglass Warehouse
Pink Ione T-Strap Wedge Heels c/o B.A.I.T. Footwear
My make-up: lipstick- Lime Crime's Red Velvet Velvetine Lip Stain
love, polly


Outfit: Sweet Jane

I've been obsessed with listening to the Velvet Underground the past two days especially. Sweet Jane is such an amazing song.... and Jane is my middle name! The middle name 'Jane' actually runs in my family. It's a simple name and I've never really been too fond of it, but hearing Sweet Jane by the Velvet Underground makes me like it a bit more :D How are you guys? I spent most of my day planning to move to Chicago and sewing a zipper into a pink 1950's prom dress that has been broken for over a year! I'm excited to share the dress with everyone.
outfit details: Glasses c/o Sunglass Warehouse
Heels: c/o B.A.I.T. Footwear
bag: c/o Sammy Dress
Skirt: gift from Mary :)
Vintage Pink Sparkly Cape: My mother's, she bought this while living in Hollywood
Blue short sleeve sweater: Salvation Army
Socks: UO
Original Poppy Flower Crown: Made by me, Paulie Antiques
my make-up: lipstick: My Beautiful Rocket by Lime Crime
eyeshadow: Fierce & Tangy Color Tattoo by Maybelline New York
love, polly


Banana Date Cinnamon Ginger Pops

I'm so excited to share my first popsicle of the season with you! It's so refreshing and easy to make. I blended these ingredients together in the blender:
3 pitted chopped dates
1 ripened banana
1/2 cup apple juice (you can also use almond milk or rice milk, soy milk... etc.)
a few dashes of cinnamon
1 coin of diced fresh ginger
Pour into your molds and let freeze for about 3 hours. Enjoy!
I got my popsicle molds from JoAnn, but here's a similar one online!
love, polly


Never Forget Springtime

yes, I already pressed some... haha :)
Bluebells have started blooming in my parent's backyard and I no longer need shoes to walk about. The best thing about this time of year is the blooming Magnolia Trees, and I'll be extremely heartbroken when they fade. Here are a few moments from my morning outside. I finally have a day off work and my mind is racing with possibilities before I move to Chicago in a couple of weeks! These photos are taken with my new 50 mm lens that I hardly ever use.. but it's pretty fabulous when I learn to work it. Thanks for the recommendation, Nathan Adhikari! Happy Springtime, everyone !
love, polly


My Shoe Collection | The Paulie Antiques Show

Hey, guys! Another vlog with my real hair! Nuts, huh? Enjoy my shoe collection! I left a few pairs out, but this is the majority! XO
love, polly


A Taste of Spring & Visiting Chicago

Yesterday I took the train up north to Chicago for the day for an interview with the Goodman Theatre or a Costume Design internship. They'll get back to me this week with their decision, but either way... I feel proud of myself for landing the interview and being back in the city, again. It went really well and I loved touring the Goodman Theatre Costume Shop and meeting everyone! I have to admit that moving to New York City in August 2013 was a lot for me to handle and very outside of my comfort zone. It felt great to be back in the city again... even if it wasn't New York City :) 
*EDIT* I just accepted the paid position and I'm moving to Chicago early next month!
My mother and I brunched at this cute place near Union Station called Lou Mitchell's and we loved it! She had eggs benedict with salmon and I had the florentine.  
I had a little taste of New York City while in Chicago.... Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding... I was so thrilled Magnolia had come to Chicago! Thanks to Nathan Adhikari for sharing some pudding with me and showing my mom and I around Chicago for the day! We loved it!
Until we meet again, Chicago!
love, polly


My Styling for Liz Rowe | Impulse Magazine 2013

Every once in a while in my life, I meet someone who is absolutely irreplaceable. Liz Rowe is that person. I met her while studying at the University of Illinois while she was earning her Masters of Fine Arts in Costume Design & Technology and I was earning my Bachelors degree in the same exact field. We had so many classes together and I'll never forget how hilarious and sincere she was in the costume shop and in general. She was always the life of the costume shop..... I love you so much, Liz! She's from Canada and before moving to the USA, she got her degree in make-up design and even worked on the set of Resident Evil III doing the zombie dogs' make-up. Remember those? Well, we decided to shoot her photos for Impulse magazine last year to tell her story. Her interview is lost and I have no idea if it went up on the Impulse Magazine website, but I'm trying to find it. Puja Patel took the photos and she was so wonderful! I loved going through Liz's wardrobe and her *amazing* necklaces from all over the world. She's truly a gem and a triple threat in costume design, make-up, hair, beading and so much more! She's hilarious and so beautiful to boot. I miss you, Liz!!! Thanks for trusting me & wearing pastel tights even though you weren't quite sure about it. You're the best.
 (me being a dweeb about putting hydrangeas everywhere)
Concept, Location & Wardrobe Stylist:  Paulie Antiques
Make-up, Hair, Model: Liz Rowe
Photographer: Puja Patel
love, polly