So, I'm eight and I have these toys, these dolls. My favorite is this ugly girl doll who I call Clementine.

and I keep yelling at her, "You can't be ugly, be pretty!" It's weird, like if I can transform her, I would magically change, too.
shoes: $5 at Macy's
socks- Target
vest- H&M, with pins from my grandma, mother, or salvation army!
purse- vintage, my mother's
umbrella- vintage, my Grandmother Kutch's (it's her birthday today!)
love, polly

a new project..

I am making a blouse! Like it? :)
I can't wait to see what it's like when it's done!
Have a wonderful Thursday and hang in there! The weekend is so close I can FEEL it!
love, polly :)


University of Illinois costume shop tour!

 This is my friend, Elizabeth. She is a grad student in costume design. She helped design the props in Resident Evil 4. She is from Canada. She's a very sweet girl! Here she is cutting out her fabric for a men's shirt.
all the pretty colors!
dance and costume inventory.
tick tock in the costume shop. Time really does fly!
so so soooo many period shoes! :)
it really is a dream, isn't it?
the serger.
love, polly


pictures on Karla Jensen's view camera

My room mate Karla is in a view camera class this semester, and she asked me if she could snap some pictures for her project.
haha, I look so solemn in this....
Here is Karla, again, taking a picture with her view camera! 
love, polly


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Love, Polly


even more suitcase photos!

my room mate Karla Jensen took these photos of me last Monday for her series of people and their collections. In my case, I somehow came to collect suitcases. I have a pink one that is not pictured because it didn't quite fit with the color scheme.
The dress I am wearing is from Salvation Army in Litchfield, IL. (it was 50 percent off day!) The belt is from Goodwill, too.
She also took my picture with a view camera (where you have to look through it under the black cloak). I am excited to see how it turns out for her.
here is Karla (she's a photo major at U of I) using the view 
camera, just to give you an idea of what it looks like!
Here's a really "emotional" picture I took of Karla.. haha 
love, polly


Something I wrote quite a while ago..

What is it exactly that I live for? My future goals? Future acquaintances? Current acquaintances? That euphoric feeling I get from a circle of friends that are the closest to me? I don't have so much inspiration anymore. I remember the days when it was so easy and often to laugh until my stomach hurt... it hasn't happened in so long and last time it did it felt forced. I miss those feelings. What is it about inspiration and where do I get it? It seems like when I am at my lowest is when I am most inspired. I want to write more. I want to become something that takes effort. The high life moments are what I often seek. Are the in-between moments as pivotal, though? In the end I suppose it comes down to: What makes ME happy? I need to figure it out. Sure, I could sit here and contemplate ways to write down complexly intellectual thoughts, but after a while I just don't care. What is it about getting new items that often gives us a mere feeling of short lived happiness? Sure, it wears off and you tire of the things you just purchased that made you feel so great the week before. Why do we feel the need to purchase things to feel satisfied? If I could answer this question simply I could save SO much money and time. I just need to learn how to be happy with my current life and the people in it. I am waiting for someone special to sweep me off my tired feet. I don't understand girls who need a boy to make them feel worthy or complete. I am the farthest from a relationship right now but it's a comfortable feeling knowing that I am totally okay with just having myself to rely on. I believe it makes me stronger and stronger every day. What will it take to make people see that I don't need anyone else to make my life complete or fulfilling? My family is always asking if I have a boyfriend yet or if I've been on any dates. The answer is always incomplete and jagged. I switch subjects very smoothly. I could care less about what people think, but when did it become the ultimate goal in a girl's life to find a boyfriend, settle down with one person for the rest of your life, and have children? (9/24/09)

love, polly


in a corn field..

The polaroid film is 600. My Grandma Kutch gave her camera to me with
 the remaining two packages of film!
The clock purse is also from the same grandma (she bought it at Rebecca's Antiques)
In Taylorville, Illinois.
The dress is from Avalon Exchange in St. Louis on the Delmar Loop.
Earrings from Salvation Army and the "sewing is believing" pin also from Avalon Exchange.
I'm going to an art therapy club tonight from 7-9.. they supply FREE art supplies! WOW This is much needed seeing as I just read the whole play of Medea! Whew! It was very suspenseful!
love, polly