Last week I graduated from the University of Illinois Theatre program majoring in Costume Design and Technology. These are some of the people I love... I will miss them immensely! I will never forget my time here. XO
love, polly


Road Trip to my Home Town & My Family Graduation Party

Last weekend my parents threw a family graduation party for me and my friends Hannah and Anna came to Taylorville to stay with us for two days. We rode around Taylorville in my mother's convertible with the top down, enjoyed the perfect weather, and the country. I took them to the Taylorville Dam, which is one of my favorite places in the world to think and be alone. The graduation party was wonderful and it was nice to see my family because I haven't been home for a while. XO!
*All photos taken by the talented Anna Longworth!
love, polly


Meeting Miss Strange Name

Meeting Elizabeth Jin from The Fantasy of Miss Strangename was such a wonderful experience! These photos were the second time I met her in person.. the first time was at an Impulse Magazine staff meeting! She came up to me and told me she was excited to meet me because she has read my blog and I was taken aback by how kind and down to earth she was. I had never met her before or seen her blog, but after I did I went straight home and visited her blog and read every single post! Her fashion sense is incredible!!! Elizabeth's boyfriend Sam took all the photos from this day using her camera, and he was so pleasant to work, laugh and joke around with... I felt like I had already known him for quite some time! I invited Hannah to the shoot to meet Elizabeth because of her obsession with Miss Strangename's fashion, too! We laughed so much and chatted about her favorite online stores and enjoyed the beautiful weather until we had to part our ways. Read the coffee shop interview I did with Miss Strangename here!
Polly's outfit details: pants: Salvation Army
crop top: made by me, for sale in the Paulie Antiques shop
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via Free People
earrings- Paulie Antiques made by me
bracelet- vintage, 1950's, my mother's
Thank you to Sam for snapping these and Elizabeth Jin who edited them!
*Read Hannah and Miss Strange Name's post about this day on their blogs, too!
love, polly


Pressing the Spring

(shoes c/o Yeswalker)
Last week was finals week and I was very stressed with everything I had to do... I took this Spring walk to get away from some stress and it REALLY helped! I was deathly congested with allergies at this point and being outside near all of the pollen probably wasn't the best thing for me physically, but it really relaxed me and made me happy. I love going on walks by myself. Pressing flowers and being outside in the spring when the wind is blowing is just glorious!
Is there anything you do by yourself that you revel in?
love, polly