Bushwick, NY Adventures & Visiting Miss Grace Eddy's Art Studio

 Tyree Robinson and Miss Grace Eddy on the streets of Bushwick, NY this afternoon.
 Bushwick street art.
 Grace & Tyree en route to Grace's studio..
 The most artistic couple I know....
 Grace at work in her studio.
 More images from inside Miss Grace Eddy's studio.
I really had a great day visiting my old boss from iLuminate, Miss Grace Eddy. She is one of the kindest and most light-hearted New Yorkers I have met and I feel like we have already connected on another level to the point where I will always love her and be there for her no matter what she needs! We also visited her boyfriend Ty Robinson's studio before that and he let me play his wonderful piano. I haven't practiced on an 88 key piano in what feels like forever. Grace let me paint some avocados on her studio wall after that, and we scouted out locations for a shoot I am planning to style for her and Ty. If you watch Boardwalk Empire- you might recognize Ty. I don't honestly watch the show, but I have seen some clips with Ty and he is a fabulous actor. He plays Samuel Crawford on Boardwalk Empire. I love you, Grace and Ty! Thank you for such an awesome day and showing me around. XO!
love, polly


A Portrait of Charles Gowin

This is my friend Charles. I stayed the night with him in his retro apartment while I was visiting Champaign, IL a few days ago. He gave me his Grandmother's sweatpants to sleep in, let me use his extra toothbrush, and let me splay glitter all over his bedroom and he didn't even care! He's the best and one of my best friends! We first met when I began to sit in on February Dance 2013 rehearsals because I was the costume designer. I made a post about February Dance here! We also started taking an improv dance class together- and loved to be partners for almost every class!
Charles and Luis wearing my costume designs for February Dance 2013 at the University of Illinois Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.
Anyway- thanks for letting me stay in your apartment with you, Charles! It's friends like you that make me LOVE LIFE!!!!! 
love, polly


Outfit: Ellen & Noah's Wedding

 Sunglasses c/o Sunglass Warehouse
 Yesterday was my cousin Noah and Ellen's wedding and I went with my best friend since 7th grade- Kirsten Daykin! We've had so many good times together, Kirsten. I love you, forever!
my outfit details: tights- UO
shoes- Avalon Exchange, St. Louis
Petticoat- Salvation Army, St. Louis
Dress- gift from the fabulous Rissy Kelly!
gloves- Salvation Army
purple top- purchased from Adrienne Weber
white metal mesh purse- My Great Grandmother Frisina's
Satin bow fascinator- Adrienne Weber
fur collar- My Great Grandmother Frisina's
"Wind me up I'm a Living Doll" vintage pin- my mother's
Here is the post of the photos that Kinsey Mhire took of Ellen and Noah for their engagement photos! She did such a great job, didn't she? Are you a fan of Kinsey's work? I am! The wedding and the reception was absolutely beautiful and they had white hydrangeas at every table! Ellen has excellent taste, I must say! I'm sure noah helped design a little, too :) Congrats, you two!!!!! Love you!
love, polly


Home.... before I left for New York City

Below are some shots I took at my parent's home in Taylorville, Illinois. I am flying back tomorrow for a 6 day visit and I am very nostalgic, already. Seeing these photos that were taken over two months ago makes my heart ache for open air and vast patches of forest and open road that I'll be back home to early tomorrow................. Do you ever feel nostalgic? When?
 Sweet Pea, one of two strays we adopted a couple of winters ago.
 Early August- moving out of my studio in Urbana, Illinois.
 Creating my scrapbook portfolio at home on the dining room table.
 Afternoons spent on my parent's patio....
 Making breakfast alone at home.
 Fresh organic tomatoes from our garden.
 Up the stairs to my room from Jr. High & High School......
One of the many paintings I created..... left behind in Illinois.
As the years pass, change becomes more inevitable and my nostalgia worsens for my childhood and my dreams. Will I ever be satisfied?
love, polly


Outfit: Antique Lace Dream Dress

This is yet another collaboration with Adrienne Weber and Nathan Adhikari from last summer. Adrienne has consigned this dress to my store Paulie Antiques to sell. If you are interested in buying the dress, please e-mail me: polly AT paulieantiques DOT com. The listing will be available shortly with measurements and more information. XO 
 These were taken in July at Meadowbrook Park in Urbana, Illinois. I miss that park so much. I miss all of the wide open spaces that Illinois has to offer. The quality of air there is so fresh and crisp. I can't wait to make my way back to IL on October 17th. It's going to be pure ecstasy! I need a break from NYC for a week...!
outfit details: Paulie Antiques antique lace dress, for sale soon
shoes: Pink Ione Heels, c/o B.A.I.T. Footwear, Spring Collection 2013
gloves- vintage
Styled by Adrienne Weber
Photographed by Nathan Adhikari
love, polly


Outfit: The Chop

After living in New York City for about 3 or 4 weeks..... I decided it was time to chop off most of the length of my hair. I literally bought hair shears from the drugstore and cut it in two swift chops in the privacy of my bathroom. It feels pretty good- I've been wearing it in pig tail buns a lot lately. People say that I look older with a shorter hair cut.... I suppose then it's time to grow up, eh? What do you think?

These photos were taken in Washington Heights by Hannah after we had brunch.
Outfit details: gold dress- street vendor in Washington Heights
necklace- vintage
hat- my mother's
skirt- gift from Mary!
belt- thrifted
socks- gift from Abby Taylor 
booties- my Grandma Kutch's
love, polly