Contact Improv Performance at the Urbana Landmark Hotel

Yesterday my Contact Improvisation class took a field trip to the Urbana Landmark Hotel. I've done two photo shoots there now, and I am really starting to love this hotel and all of the beauty it has to offer. When we arrived in the space, there were huge tripods set up with sensors on them so they could sense these little balls each of us placed on our body. This information collected from the sensors was then  projected onto a screen in front of us in the form of moving dots as we moved. I can't stress enough how important this class has been to me... I was able to let go of so much anxiety. I'm hardly ever worried about other people watching me and judging me in this class.... and I think that's a feat in itself! Do you do any improvisation, yourself?
love, polly



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Cinnamon Honey Mint Iced Coffee

In this recipe, I made fresh coffee that was cherry flavored from Meijer, and chilled it in my freezer for about ten minutes. I chopped up 2-3 leaves of washed organic mint and strained the coffee once more through the filter with the mint leaves. After the mint leaves were infused into the coffee, I drizzled honey and sprinkled cinnamon on top of the drink and garnished with a mint leaf. I finished off the meal with organic granola, Stonyfield organic yogurt, and a chopped up organic gala apple. Viola!
love, polly


Outfit: Exploring the Urbana Landmark Hotel

Nathan Adhikari and I explored the Urbana Landmark Hotel today in downtown Urbana. It's been closed for some time, and I became kind of obsessed with fantasizing about what the inside of it looked like last summer after doing a Paulie Antiques summer look book with Alisa Greene here. Now we can finally go inside! What an absolute treat. I plan on coming here for a late Spring look book very soon.
 Outfit details:
booties: Jeffrey Campbell via Free People
skirt- vintage, Goodwill
tights- target
blouse- vintage, gift from Hannah
red wool blazer- vintage, Goodwill
love, polly


Fisheye Film from 3 years ago...

You know, I've been looking at this role of film on my drawing table for over three years now. I knew what was on it (well, I had an idea) and I resisted developing it for that specific reason. However, I have decided that embracing the past and releasing it is a wonderful way to look at it. I don't look back on these times and regret.... I cherish what my life was and how it has grown. I want to thank everyone who has been a part of my life, whether it has been in the past or present. My love for you continues, even if bitter circumstances ensued. I release these memories, now.... and sigh a deep breath of relief.
love, polly


Outfit: Springtime Colors

YOU GUYS! It's officially spring break! I am so excited! I can finally do things I WANT to do... isn't that such a nice feeling? It feels like a weight has been lifted. Today Hannah and I went fabric shopping, went out to Cream and Flutter for macaroons and coffee, fed my friend Erin's cat, and worked on her new blog a bit. It was a great day. We searched around downtown Champaign for pretty colored buildings for probably twenty minutes before finding this building in an alley across from the Art Theatre. Perfect for St. Patty's Day, tomorrow!!!
This adorable Rose Vintage vintage brooch flower was a gift to me from Samantha Balk! I did an interview with her here
 These beautiful shoes are c/o B.A.I.T. Footwear! They are the Nana Flush heel! Incredibly cute and comfortable! They go with anything. Thank you, B.A.I.T Footwear!
Hannah is so cute! I love going on shoots with her. I can't wait to share her blog with you.... it's coming along!! 
Polly's outfit details: shoes- c/o B.A.I.T. Footwear
flower brooch- c/o Rose Vintage
dress- vintage, Salvation Army
hat- vintage, my mother's
petticoat- Salvation Army, St. Louis
belt- Goodwill, St. Louis
tights- Target
love, polly


Green Lemonade Recipe

I don't have a juicer... and I think that can eventually tear someone's smoothie/juice- making confidence down.... but I DO have a blender (which works sufficiently!) So, I make green lemonade a lot. I always end up buying kale and red kale and rainbow chard and just kind of stare at it waiting for inspiration. WHY NOT JUICE IT! It just makes everything easier, no?

Green Lemonade Recipe:
1 organic apple, sliced
3 organic mint leaves
1 1/2 cups naked mango juice
1/2 cup mint infused filtered water
1 organic banana
a handful of organic red kale, sliced and diced
a squeeze of organic lemon juice
And blend together until your heart is satisfied! I am a snob and I use organic ingredients... but not all of the time! And of course you don't have to.... it just makes me feel better about the whole thing :)
Do you have a favorite ingredient to add to your green lemonade? I am interested to know!
love, polly