we are not two, we are one

When I found this dress at Salvation Army-I WAS SHOCKED. Let me just tell you, it was only $8! I was shocked and stunned and probably wet myself a little when I grabbed it off the rack (they had just tagged it that same day!). I ended up spending $41.. Alright- well, at least I can admit that I have a problem.. right? Can't wait to show you what else I found!!
This dress had a few slight spots on it that I could tell were minimal work to clean so I bought the dress anyway- (who wouldn't for $8??). The wedges are Jeffrey Campbell from Modcloth, and my grandmother Kutch gave me the rhinestone necklace (even though you can't really see it).
This was my breakfast a few days ago!
hope you have a wonderful day! I'm opening at Dandelion Vintage today ALL BY MYSELF! Lawd! I hope I don't set off the alarm or royally mess something up. We did a new display the other day that I can't wait to show you! Styling the mannequins is just my favorite thing ever!!
love, polly :)


blogger style inspiration//first impressions

Hi!! I wanted to share this girl's style with you. I adore it. It's very close to my own. She is also a doll. Her name is Maria from the blog, First Impressions. She is very sweet, and you should go stalk her blog for a little while and see all of her pretty outfits! I did! This is a little of what I found- I'm sure there is much more to see (which I will see, eventually..) :D
Make sure you pop over and say, "Hi!" to her! Tell her I sent you.
love, polly :)


Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (Means That You're Grand)

This suitcase was a gift from my co-worker, Tracy, at Dandelion Vintage.. She is SUCH a doll surprising me with a present like that at work! It's adorable, Tracy, thank you SO much!!!.
bow courtesy of of the lovely ladies over at Red Velvet Art :) 
I really need to make a road trip over there soon.. 
outfit details:
Peach Czechoslovakian glass ring made in 1915 from Carrie's vintage in Champaign, IL
forest green trousers- Salvation Army in Springfield, IL
creme flower blouse- Total Value Thrift in Springfield, IL
Paisley Suitcase- gift
vintage peach belt- Salvation Army in Springfield, IL
bow- RVA
brown polka dot wedges- Goodwill in Edwardsville, IL
hat with veil- vintage, my mother's
tie- vintage, my mother's
hope you're having a looooooovely weekend. It's been rainy here for as long as I can remember! (okay-the past few days!) ugh. I WANT SUNSHINE!
love, polly :)


inspiration//Kelli Murray

Hi! I wanted to pop in and say that Kelli Murray is REALLY an inspiration to me as of late. Here are some photos of her work- so stylized and exactly what I aspire to. I love love love it. You can buy some of her original artwork at her etsy- here! Take a look! It's so inspiring.
visit Kelli's blog to see more of her adventures!
love, polly :)


Difficult foods to eat: Papaya

I often find myself at the grocery market wanting to try something... new. Last week I bought Rainbow Chard (a little salty for my liking..) but this week I decided to try a papaya. Yes, I've had papaya before- but I haven't ever prepared it. So, I thought why not give a suggestion for the stumped mind as to incorporating a fruit like papaya into your meals.. especially BREAKFAST.
If you're wondering what a papaya is like when it's ripe, it's green and quite squishy.. you can easily squish in the sides of the fruit (not too squishy, of course!). 
In this recipe, I toasted some multi-grain bread, used a knife to hollow out the papaya and spread it around on the toast. Then I drizzled some honey on top with a little bit of peanut butter! I also made a smoothie to go along with it (organic green tea flavored soy milk, fresh strawberries, and mango♥.)
have a lovely Wednesday!
love, polly :)


It's a hard parade, just be courageous

I just LOVE peonies. My mother does, too. She grows them in our backyard and this year I only got to see pictures of them. Luckily, I am only an hour and a half away from home and Peonies also grow here quite abundantly. I love their smell. Do they make Peony deodorant? I'd buy it! 
It makes me sad to realize that I keep getting further and further away from my family and parents- but at the same time.. I am getting to know myself better than I ever have. This is a very lovely struggle I've been dealing with for so long now. I've been bloging about this subject ever since my very first post. It's actually the reason I started blogging... to find myself. To jot down my feelings and inspirations so I don't forget or completely deny they ever existed. This blog has really helped me in many ways. I've also met so many kind people who exist on this earth and are so very talented and inspiring. I want to thank you all for what you do.
love, polly :)


i must've been asleep, because i can't remember anything

It's really starting to heat up today! Truth be told- I am blogging without clothes on right now! It seems the more time goes on- the less I like wearing clothes at home when I'm by myself. Ironic? Yes, I like-(LOVE) putting together new outfits and running around in them.. but when it comes down to it all.. I just want to forget about clothes altogether by the end of a hot, sticky day. Maybe I should visit the pool?
thank you all so much for your kind words.. you really are amazing people. Hope your Sunday is relaxing. As you might know- I am a workaholic. I'm closing tonight at the frozen yogurt shop. But I'm painting mushrooms all day until then! Eeeeeps! Can't wait to show you!
love, polly :)