an illustration by a sweet friend..

Thank you to Poohpoophidoo for this illustration of me. It's from this outfit I featured a week or so ago on my blog with a DIY to spice up an old pair of shoes :)
love, polly


Kailey said...

What an adorable illustration! I really love that outfit as well - the color combination is incredible :o

Maria said...

This is such a sweet outfit! I love how you can pull of just about any colour of the rainbow. You look like a doll!
p.s: thanks for following dear! I'm following you :)

ftashion said...

This is so cute! You have the sweetest friend!

Fang Ting

Anonymous said...

Oh so cute that illustration was. It is really you, and the artist is so skilled.

poohpoopidoo* said...

hooooooo thank you so much for this post!! YOU are a sweet friend, I'm so happy that the illustration please to you! (ouarf what bad english ^^)

Josephine said...

You look so pretty!
Gorgeous gorgeous gorrgeous outfit!

Unknown said...

That is so nice! :D

Thank you for your comment :) I'm feeling much better right now, and talking to my boyfriend really helped :) hope you have a great weekend though you have to work

xxx, Mri

This Charming Style said...

Such a beautiful illustration, and such a beautiful outfit! Enjoy your weekend Polly :) xx

Marisa Noelle said...

Aw, such a darling sweet! I just love that outfit to pieces Polly!! You are quite the master of coming up with the most cheery and beautiful color outfits. I love everything from head to toe and am saving this for inspiration:)

Elizabeth Exposito said...

Sooo gorgeous!!! :) I looove this post! I'm following you via Blogspot!