Stills from Once Upon a Time in 1972 (my first film)

I've been talking about working on this film since the beginning of last semester and it's finally on the web (only for cast and crew). It should become publicly viewable this summer. The premiere is April 8th in Champaign, Illinois. This is the first film I have ever costume designed and I couldn't be more thrilled to share with you! You can see my other posts about this film here and here! So, without further ado, here are some stills! I can't release too much, though until it officially premieres..
I wear this coat every day! and the jewelry is from my Grandmother.
The other film I costume designed called, "The Conversationalist" is premiering on April 8th as well so I should have more stills to show you soon! Hope you enjoyed.
love, polly


We love the fair!

Summer is getting so close. I am totally in the summer feeling right now with this nice weather today. I thought I'd share some photos of when I was 5 with my family at the Taylorville, Illinois Fair.
This was my first corn dog..
(haha, obviously wasn't a vegetarian, yet!)
love, polly


Polly in a Pot

Yes, this is random (but too funny to pass up!) Did you ever do this as a child?
love, polly



hope your hump day is lovely!
my hand made bow ties are also listed at my etsy, Paulie Antiques. Have a look if you like!
love, polly


Painting with Great Grandma Polly.

This is my Great Grandma Pauline Lindsey-Whitmer. Her husband died quite some time ago.. and she's all alone in her house. She is 95 years old and still makes her own meals and gets down on her hands and knees and scrubs the floor. Painting has been one of her hobbies for her whole life. She seems faint lately.. which makes me scared. I thought I'd take my last night in Taylorville to spend with her doing her favorite thing (one of mine, too!): painting.
She started it off.. then I started helping :) I've had this idea for a while.. I am so glad I actually went through with it. She was kind of upset with me taking these pictures, though... it was 6 PM (about her bed time..) and she wasn't all made up. That's another thing... she gets up every morning and gets dressed and puts make up on! It really is astonishing.
You may have seen my previous post about her, here.
I will always have this painting to remember her by :) 
do you have anything special that you do with your grandparents?
love, polly

I am the moonfaced flower child, I am.

Today was strange. It was nice, though.. don't get me wrong. I love being in the beautiful scenery of what is Taylorville, Illinois. I can't wait to go back home to Urbana, though :) I need to start drawing and painting! 
outfit details:  black crushed velvet dress with bow in back from Goodwill in Springfield, IL
 red belt from Goodwill in Springfield, IL
 Knee high tights from Salvation Army in Springfield, IL
 Umbrella from Lisa's Antiques in IL
 Bow tie- hand made by me!
 Shoes from Modcloth, Jeffrey Campbell
Have a wonderful Tuesday! I will be back later today with Salvation Army Finds of the day!I am so excited that I finally got to go today! I really have gotten my fill of thrifting over the break so far! Thrifting in Urbana is useless because all of the little vintage stores get to it before I do!
love, polly


Inspirational artist: Catherine Campbell

WOW oh WOW oh WOW! I am OBSESSED with Catherine Campbell's artwork! It leaves me feeling so inspired and happy! This is exactly the kind of artwork I adore and aspire to do. Absolutely amazing work, Catherine!
I love the stippling on her neck!
love, polly


my heart keeps beating like a hammer

Hi, there! Thank god for Spring Break! What a MUCH needed rest! I am finally catching up on sleep and my social life. I had coffee and pie last night with my friend Lindsey and then listened to some music out at the Taylorville Dam with my friend Sam. It was so nice considering that I haven't had social interaction at all thanks to midterms. Today I went to my cousin, Katie's, bridal shower! (that's why I am all dressed up!) :D
It was funny, though, because people kept telling me, "You're next!" (FOR MARRAIGE...HA!) and we all had to go around the party and give advice to Katie for her future marriage and OBVIOUSLY I haven't been married and my relationships just keep getting shorter and shorter. I just told her that, "Thrifting is therapeutic. Don't forget that.." I feel like that's good stress relief when something goes wrong. Haha, so much for wisdom!
outfit details: vintage wedding dress from 1905 (a gift to my Grandma Kutch when she owned her antique store), blazer from my Great Grandma Polly, hat- Forever 21, boots- ebay, red suede belt- my mother let me borrow it while being home for break :)
love, polly :)


inspirational artist: Brett Freund

I met Brett when I was studying art and design at Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville at this time last year. His work is so inspirational to me and I start to think of ideas when I view his work. So, I thought I'd take this time to do a little interview with him and find out what inspires him most. I always find it really intriguing to learn what inspires the artists I aspire to.
1. Polly: Brett, who are the top artists who inspire your work?
Brett: "I'm into most artists who deal with decorative objects and mortality in their work. Nicole Cherubini is one of my favorite ceramic artists at the moment and I can never get enough of Damien Hirst's, "For the Love of God." I look at anything that comes through the Dean Project in NYC and have a soft spot for KAWS and other designer toys."
2. Polly: If you could define your goal as an artist, what would you say?
Brett: "When I originally started in ceramics there were lots of people who kept pushing blue grass and bourbon and I always felt a little more dr. octagon and vodka tonic. I guess I'm trying to relate my medium to the things that I see in my life rather than sticking it to some stereotype of an identity."
This is my favorite piece by Brett! I LOVE it so much!
3. Polly: Do you have any advice for artists who are just starting out who want to build a series?
Brett: "I think that centering yourself around having a consistent studio practice is important and making work can be the best inspiration for making better work." 
4. Polly: Do you only use specific colors with your ceramics? 
Brett: "Sometimes I try to lightly copy trends that I see around me but for the most part I think of craft as a context and try to display colors and surfaces associated with the decorative side to ceramics. I try to show intent while simultaneously making it look like I don't care. If there was a glaze that painted on plaid I would use that on everything. I like gold luster and that should explain itself. There is a ceramic artist named Greyson Perry who said he uses gold luster because wealthy people have a genetic predisposition to liking it."
5. Polly: Do you ever use your work to drink tea? I just love the tea pots and tea cups :)
Brett: "Sometimes, but most often those teapots and teacups get their colors from unsafe materials so I don't recommend it. I have recently started making more cups that are safe to drink from." 
6. Polly: what times are you most creative? (time of day, mood, or season)
Brett: "When I don't have class or don't have to teach I like to take it slow in the mornings to do things like go to the bank of grocery shop. I always try to get to the studio by noon. Night time is the right time when working in the studio. I like being up as late as I can while working but usually go home by one in the morning. Also, I will pick a night (if I'm lucky maybe two) to go out and do something fun. I really don't have much of a [social] life so I try to make my studio as enjoyable as I can." 
Thank you so much for the interview, Brett! Can't wait to see what's in the future for you.
love, polly