My Styling for Liz Rowe | Impulse Magazine 2013

Every once in a while in my life, I meet someone who is absolutely irreplaceable. Liz Rowe is that person. I met her while studying at the University of Illinois while she was earning her Masters of Fine Arts in Costume Design & Technology and I was earning my Bachelors degree in the same exact field. We had so many classes together and I'll never forget how hilarious and sincere she was in the costume shop and in general. She was always the life of the costume shop..... I love you so much, Liz! She's from Canada and before moving to the USA, she got her degree in make-up design and even worked on the set of Resident Evil III doing the zombie dogs' make-up. Remember those? Well, we decided to shoot her photos for Impulse magazine last year to tell her story. Her interview is lost and I have no idea if it went up on the Impulse Magazine website, but I'm trying to find it. Puja Patel took the photos and she was so wonderful! I loved going through Liz's wardrobe and her *amazing* necklaces from all over the world. She's truly a gem and a triple threat in costume design, make-up, hair, beading and so much more! She's hilarious and so beautiful to boot. I miss you, Liz!!! Thanks for trusting me & wearing pastel tights even though you weren't quite sure about it. You're the best.
 (me being a dweeb about putting hydrangeas everywhere)
Concept, Location & Wardrobe Stylist:  Paulie Antiques
Make-up, Hair, Model: Liz Rowe
Photographer: Puja Patel
love, polly


Beauty Follower said...

Wonderful look!!!

Have a lovely weekend :)

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Anupriya DG said...

Oh! Liz is so pretty!!! And that necklace is gorgeous! <3

Vikee said...

You look fabulous
Beautiful pictures

Love Vikee

Emma said...

Liz is a gorgeous model and clearly a lovely and talented lady! Love your styling as usual Polly! The pastel tights are so perfect! Beautiful hair and make up too!

Emma x

Purple said...

These are so beautiful! Love the styling Polly <3

Unknown said...

I'm obsessed with the skirt. Fabulous look!!!

Unknown said...

Liz has such a contagious smile! These photos are gorgeous and your styling is impeccable. If you ever find that interview, I'd love to read it!

~ K said...

Gorgeous styling!