Outfit: Sweet Jane

I've been obsessed with listening to the Velvet Underground the past two days especially. Sweet Jane is such an amazing song.... and Jane is my middle name! The middle name 'Jane' actually runs in my family. It's a simple name and I've never really been too fond of it, but hearing Sweet Jane by the Velvet Underground makes me like it a bit more :D How are you guys? I spent most of my day planning to move to Chicago and sewing a zipper into a pink 1950's prom dress that has been broken for over a year! I'm excited to share the dress with everyone.
outfit details: Glasses c/o Sunglass Warehouse
Heels: c/o B.A.I.T. Footwear
bag: c/o Sammy Dress
Skirt: gift from Mary :)
Vintage Pink Sparkly Cape: My mother's, she bought this while living in Hollywood
Blue short sleeve sweater: Salvation Army
Socks: UO
Original Poppy Flower Crown: Made by me, Paulie Antiques
my make-up: lipstick: My Beautiful Rocket by Lime Crime
eyeshadow: Fierce & Tangy Color Tattoo by Maybelline New York
love, polly


Purple said...

I need those glasses! Actually, can I please have this whole outfit? Its just so perfect. I also admire how well you use bright colors like orange and make them look so sweet.

Vikee said...

You look beautiful
Gorgeous pictures

Love Vikee

Unknown said...

That flower crown makes me swoon!

Elliementary, My Dear said...

What a lovely song :) I don't really like my middle name either but maybe if it was in a song I'd be more fond of it as well. Loving the colors of your outfit, especially the socks.

Helen Mae said...

Your hair is looking lovely in these photos!

Gentri said...

You might be the coolest person I know. Seriously, love this outfit!

Alexandra Marie said...

Loving those red knee-highs with those adorable shoes! Alex

andrea said...

this post girl. seriously!!!
one of my FAVORITE songs.
one of my favorite outfit of yours. ever.
thank you for inspiring me this morning to put on something cute and listen to some good music.

Unknown said...

I just fell in love with your blog ♥ I want your wardrobe and your style! *sighs* you're super pretty :)
Lottie | Little Once Upon a Time

Erica D said...

WoW you look gorgeous! The orange looks beautiful on you and you have great skin!


Annika Victoria said...

I'm excited to see the 50s prom dress! Also, I'm entirely obsessed with this outfit. You're way too good at clothes ;)

Unknown said...

I love The Velvet Underground and Lou Reed! And Sweet Jane is a wonderful song. Did you hear the version by Cowboy Junkies?

PS: I love your shoes with those socks - I've got a thin for red and blue

~ K said...

I'm looking forward to seeing that pink dress!! I adore that skirt!
Another perfectly cute and quirky outfit!


lisa said...

Jane is a really beautiful name! I feel like my name is super boring- Lisa Marie (snooze!) and I often wish I had something more creative. But then on the other hand it could've been something I really hated, so... :) I love this outfit, Polly- you are always so inspiring with your color combos!

Unknown said...

I have a similar sparkly cape (Although I didn't purchase it in Hollywood). Adorable (:

Inge Lakawa said...

you look cute and pretty!
I really like the style. it's gorgeous :)