Green Lemonade Recipe

I don't have a juicer... and I think that can eventually tear someone's smoothie/juice- making confidence down.... but I DO have a blender (which works sufficiently!) So, I make green lemonade a lot. I always end up buying kale and red kale and rainbow chard and just kind of stare at it waiting for inspiration. WHY NOT JUICE IT! It just makes everything easier, no?

Green Lemonade Recipe:
1 organic apple, sliced
3 organic mint leaves
1 1/2 cups naked mango juice
1/2 cup mint infused filtered water
1 organic banana
a handful of organic red kale, sliced and diced
a squeeze of organic lemon juice
And blend together until your heart is satisfied! I am a snob and I use organic ingredients... but not all of the time! And of course you don't have to.... it just makes me feel better about the whole thing :)
Do you have a favorite ingredient to add to your green lemonade? I am interested to know!
love, polly 


Despina T. said...

oh you made it look so delicious!lovely post.

Heather Belle said...

Something about green drinks just freaks me out, but you really did make this look yummy! Maybe I'll try it, MAYBE! Haha :)
xo Heather

Paloma and Jess said...

I love lemonade so much, and this looks like a really cool recipe! I love the way you presented it too! :) xx

Emma said...

This sounds unreal! I am definitely going to make this soon! I wish organic ingredients weren't so damn expensive! the straw is such a cute touch!

Emma x

Anonymous said...

Huge amounts of yum for this!