Hi, guys! It's been a while since my last giveaway, eh? Well, not to fret..... here's a very special one for $50 credit towards an item in my store, Paulie Antiques!
All you need do to enter this giveaway is: 
1. leave a comment telling me which Paulie Antiques look book is your favorite and why! (1 entry)
FALL 2012 
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love, polly :)


Meg said...

I love the Hannah Gottlieb-Graham shoot because I love suitcases! She also looks gorgeous in that pink dress! :-)

Meg said...

I follow you via GFC ;-)

Meg said...

I love everything in your shop, but right this second I want the 1916 Encyclopedia and I'm loving the phone!

Photostorming said...

I really love summer 2012- 5th lookbook! (Alisa Greene shot by Polly Bland)

Cause the girl's style can't be more perfect! Her hair, hat, shoes and socks <3 Also I really like the way how you put the flowers on luggage :)


P.S: I've followed you via bloglovin,GFC and your antiqueshop blog as well.

Emma said...

The Summer 2012 no. 6 with Bella Ritz has to be my favourite! I love the simplicity and the photography (as always) is so so beautiful!

I follow the Paulie Antiques blog, on GFC, Bloglovin and Facebook.

My favourite items from the shop are the blue 50s fascinator hat, the pastel telephone (amazing!), the 80s gold brooch and the golden Meadows flower brooch too! And your paintings of course!

Emma x

Rachel Sullivan said...

I love the Fall 2012 one because of fancy teaparties.
I've followed the Paulie Antiques Blog
I've followed you with GFC
I've followed you with bloglovin
My favorite item is the little floral handbag
And I've liked you on facebook!

Anonymous said...

I have been in love with your unique bow ties for a while! It'd make my day to own the pear bow tie. So very cute.

tentwentyfour said...

My favorite shoot is winter 2013. To me, this shoot seems a little bit more fantastical, almost like a prelude to the chronicles of Narnia. I'm sure it's the candles and cozy fur pieces. As per usual, it's a very charming, whimsical shoot!

My email is

lisa said...

Your lookbooks are all so amazing and I just enjoyed looking through them again. I think if I have to choose it's the Spring 2012 because I love the color scheme and the pattern mixing and of course, who doesn't want a mint green telephone??

lisa said...

I follow you on GFC!

lisa said...

I follow you on IG and can't get enough of your kitty pics :)

lisa said...

AND... I follow paulieantiuqes on Twitter :)
Hope you're having a good week!

Annika Victoria said...

The Fall One is my favourite for sure! Because everyone looks oh so dainty and elegant, and the colours are just overwhelmingly pretty!

Ooooh I'd love something pretty from your store! Fingers crossed! xx

Annika Victoria said...

And weeeeeell I already follow you on GFC/bloglovin'/facebook/twitter/instagram AND now pinterest as well (littlepinetree3) so... 6 extra entries for me?? :D

Annika Victoria said...

Oh and my favourite from your store! (Entry #7) are the awesome fruit earrings and your bowties of course!

Lindsey Good said...

My absolute favorite is the shoot with Bella Ritz in the summer 2012 look book! I love everything about this shoot. From Bella's perfectly flawless skin to every piece of clothing she wore. This is just a whimsical idea for her. The setting is so believable of some quiet alone time to catch up on some reading in a quiet meadow on a sunny afternoon. Or a stroll in a fabulously beautiful white flowered dress enjoying nature. I love the multi-colored crinoline peeking from underneath. What a perfect way to accent the vintage clothing and accessories! I absolutely adore this! Keep posting Polly! Somehow I came across your blog one day searching for a vintage hat, and have been following this ever since! Your photos take me to an era I wish I could have seen first hand. You have a unique talent! :) Looking forward to future photographs and antiques!