Difficult foods to eat: Papaya

I often find myself at the grocery market wanting to try something... new. Last week I bought Rainbow Chard (a little salty for my liking..) but this week I decided to try a papaya. Yes, I've had papaya before- but I haven't ever prepared it. So, I thought why not give a suggestion for the stumped mind as to incorporating a fruit like papaya into your meals.. especially BREAKFAST.
If you're wondering what a papaya is like when it's ripe, it's green and quite squishy.. you can easily squish in the sides of the fruit (not too squishy, of course!). 
In this recipe, I toasted some multi-grain bread, used a knife to hollow out the papaya and spread it around on the toast. Then I drizzled some honey on top with a little bit of peanut butter! I also made a smoothie to go along with it (organic green tea flavored soy milk, fresh strawberries, and mango♥.)
have a lovely Wednesday!
love, polly :)


Tawnie. said...

Wow, looks so good! I've never had papaya...I'm thinking I need to try it soon <3

Marisa Noelle said...

Oh my goodness...that looks like the most perfectly delicious breakfast. I must try this. Oh and I came across one of my grandmother's old suitcases the other totally made me think of you:)

Rachel said...

It's so cool that you're trying to mix in new foods with your every day diet! I don't think I've ever had papaya before, but it really looks tasty. :D

Lauren Hairston said...

It's such a pretty color! I never knew how to tell when they were ripe. Now I know!

The Cat Hag said...

I buy papaya regularly because I make my kitty's dinner with it but have never tried eating it myself in dishes.

Love your suggestions. :)

The Cat Hag

Blackbird Experience said...

green papaya salad is amazingly delicious! I discovered it in a couple thai restaurants. It's made with unripe papaya and seems easy to prepare. Lovely if you like something spicy and healthy! Would find a recipe for you, but I'm running late for my day job!! :P

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Papaya and peanut butter? I never would have thought of that! It looks tasty though. ; )

Gracey said...

papaya shake is my fave! though i haven't tried it with peanut butter! <3

Unknown said...

ummmmm i LOVE your blog. just found it through your q and a, how have i not seen it yet?? im following on bloglovin and cant wait to see more colorful cutesy posts!!

<3 steffy
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stephanie said...

um yeah thats totally vegan and i'm totally wanting it. yummo.