Visting Ladurée Macaroon Shoppe in NYC

 Today I interviewed & accepted an internship with legendary fashion stylist Lori Goldstein. It was a thrilling thing to accept the position! I will be working at Lori's studio part time and I am also interviewing for a woman who makes hats in NYC on Monday! I will probably also have a waitressing job on the weekends. I met my friend Christine on Madison avenue after my interview for Ladurée macaroons and a fashion exhibit at the MET. It was a great afternoon and I had wonderful company. Thank you, Christine! It was so nice to see you!
 Check out Christine's blog, too! Christine works in fashion, too, and I am so blessed to know her!
 At the MET punk exhibit!
love, polly


Unknown said...

Aww!! Such wonderful photos!! So happy to see!! :-)

Kailey said...

CONGRATULATIONS Polly I am so excited for you!!! Your posts always leave me awestruck - your so beautiful and the photography is just incredible <3

Beauty Follower said...

What a cute hair accessorie, bag and dress!
I am also a macaron fan, few days ago I have tasted macaron stuffed with ice-cream :)

Unknown said...

omg laduree macaroons <3 and awesome outfits btw! so colorful :D

followed back too! thanks for dropping by :)

Anupriya DG said...

WOWIE!!! That's some super-awesome news! All the very best for all new ventures! :)

Also, those red booties! <3

Ali Hval said...

Whoa, congrats on the internship, girl! That's really incredible. I hope you learn lots of awesome things. I'm sure you will!

Your hair is GORGEOUS and I just love how colorful you dress! I love the different shade of blues in this outfit and how you matched your lipstick to your nails to your boots. How cute are youuu?!

Unknown said...

Love your blog, its amazing!
Thanks for the lovely comment and follow!

I have followed you back :)


Anonymous said...

So glad you liked Laduree and the exhibit!

Emma said...

Polly I am so happy for you that you got the internship! I think you will be amazing and I'm so excited to see what the future holds for such a talented lady! Love your Laduree green matching outfit! I may now have to go get some macarons at the one in Dublin this week!

Emma x

Unknown said...

Ahhh I am so excited for you! Congrats on the internship, Polly. What an exciting, absolutely amazing opportunity, and you totally deserve it! :) What pretty photos! Isn't the Punk exhibit amazing?! I was up in NYC visiting friends a few weeks back and saw it too and was blown away, so cool! I read about your bday on Hannah's blow btw- Happy B-day!!!

xo, Alyssa

Jessi said...

You look so lovely, love the headpiece! How exciting about the internship and happy birthday!! (Hannah sent me over)

Unknown said...

you got a really nice job, my dream job to be a fashion designer. Where did you school before? fashion major, is it?

Unknown said...

CONGRATS! I have only recently found you and I have to say people like you and your friend Christine there are the ones who keep me inspired and encourage me to strive harder in coping with the fashion industry. I'm still a fashion student and I do hope I get the opportunities as you do!

God bless in your future fashion work! Do post more on your upcoming work! :)


Unknown said...

love that your pastel-y/bright outfit matches all of the macaroons!

Lady à la Mode

Unknown said...

Loving the photographs! Wonderful post; I loved it!xo
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Frannie Pantz said...

Wow that is so exciting! Congrats on the internship! Love all your pretty bright colors! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

browngirlsgaming said...

super jealous! lol, I still have yet to try macaroons, they look so pretty and yummy! congrats on the internship!