Outfit: something about the way you taste makes me wanna clear my throat.

I drew this at work the other day (Dandelion Vintage). It was refreshing to design something.. I love designing items when I feel like it!!
I found this vintage vanity fair night gown today at Salvation Army. I are trying to go as much as possible because we need to find him a *dark green* vintage dress up shirt for a special photo shoot coming up soon! No luck so far but at least I found something! ha ha!
Happy Friday to everyone!! Hope it's great! I had a very productive meeting last night with my director and producer (a new addition to our team- Alexis!) about the upcoming music video we are shooting called, "Midnight Love." I LOVE the song and have so many ideas about the costume design! Can't wait to show you sneek peeks!! Here is the song, if you'd like to hear it!

outfit details:
vintage Vanity Fair nightgown, part of the Paulie Antiques collection
vintage vegan laced up booties
vintage floral hat- Carrie's
blazer- my great grandma Polly's
1920's ring- Carrie's
antique necklace- my Great Great Grandmother Maria Berta Frisina's
love, polly


Stephanie said...

ready to saturnday!!!
girl you rock!!!
love ur outfittt"!!!

Maria Elyse said...

Gorgeous dress/nightgown! Haha, I love looking in the nightwear section at vintage or thrift stores, as you never know what gems might be hidden there. :)

What a lovely drawing! :) Those shoes would be gorgeous in material shoe form. :)

Maria Elyse
First Impressions
Flying Ships Vintage

Amber said...

wow that dress is a beauty. Its like a pretty sherbet spring pie.

Emma Litton said...

Wow, I love that nightgown/dress, it's simply wonderful! I also really love that shoe design, so great.

Two Happy Hearts said...

SUCH a gorgeous nightgown - great find!

christina said...

u r like asweet little rainbow :)

Mooninmygarden said...

Beautiful find. I love that you wore a nightgown as a dress, because I recently picked up some vintage nightgowns at the Salvation Army that I want to pass of as dresses too! Thanks for the inspiration to go through with it!

Marisa Noelle said...

What a gem of a find..and to think it is a nightgown. It's absolutely stunning and the colors are perfection. You always bring me so much inspiration Polly! Have a loverly weekend:) xx Marisa

Gracey said...

you looked like a travel fairy! :)

Sara Stoff said...

What a beautiful dress! ♥

Anonymous said...

i like those shoes, lady. i hate that i have such big feet cuz i always have to pass up cute shoes, but when I find some that fit it makes them that much more awesome. haha.

Love Elia :)

Rachel said...

Wow, beautiful dress! :D

lasophia said...

That is gorgeous! Im in love with pastel rainbows. My boyfriend never finds anything in stores either. I feel bad, but there are way more clothes for women. men wear their clothes till the end.


Cel said...

Nightgowns can make the best dresses sometimes, their fabric is so light and airy, perfect for summer. This one is so pretty too, nice find! I should probably be hitting up thrift stores more often too, I need more clothes that actually FIT.

Unknown said...


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Dita Maulani said...

I love the gown! Looks elegant!


Amélie said...

Your skirt is just awesome <3

Opal Wells said...

I've never found anything that amazing at my local salvation army. You must take me thrifting when I come to Champaign this Autumn.

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

Polly, that candy confection of a rainbow nightgown is incredible! you have got to be the best magnet because you constantly find the cools amongst it all. sounds like you've got some exciting times ahead. congrats on the upcoming shoot. ♥

Anupriya DG said...

LOVE the dress!!!!!! And can't wait to see the costumes for the video! :)

Midwest Muse said...

I'm in love with this dress. Where in the world do you find pieces like these? Seriously!!!