Suitcase Sunday// Outfit edition!

well, hello! I thought I'd change it up this Sunday and share my favorite suitcase photos with you that I took all on my very own! I usually take one of my suitcases with me for a shoot, but sometimes I just take an umbrella, a good book, or my book bag (so maybe you haven't seen the extent of my suitcase collection!) Not to worry! That's what this post is FOR! :)
1. this is my make up case! It was the very first suitcase I have ever purchased! (also, the most expensive!) It's from Rebecca's Antiques in Taylorville, IL.
2. My amazing friend Nathan Adhikari took these photos last fall. I brought along two of my suitcases for the occasion :)
3. On a random trip back to Taylorville, I snapped these. I LOVE these flowers so much.
4. I took these photos last fall, I believe, in Taylorville. :) One of my favorite spots.
5. One of my room mates, Karla, took these photos of my suitcase collection and I in the fall of last year. It was exhausting transporting them all!
6. I love this little blue circular hat case. It was only 2 dollars.
7. This is probably my favorite suitcase photo I've taken. I just love the colors of these photos!
8. I feel like the shadows fit these photos so perfectly. I love how you can just make out that I am holding a suitcase!
9. This was the second photo shoot I did by myself. It was very unpleasant due to mosquitoes, I remember. But that's all in the past now, and they're pretty, right? haha!
love, polly :)


Stef / Diversions said...

Lovely photos. The hat case is my favourite :)

Anonymous said...

great photos! you have a really awesome vintage suitcase collection!!

Briana Teresa said...

You are so cute!!! I love all these photos and your suitcase collection is quite impressive

Alys said...

Yet again, Suitcase Sunday has not failed :) Keep up the good work!

Deer Little Fawn said...

Lovely collection! I love love love suitcases! We often get them in the flea market where I work and Im always so tempted! if I ever live in a bigger house I could end up with lots! ;)
Plus I know Ive said before, but I totally love suitcase sunday!! You rock! :) xx

Yajaira said...

great post
great photos
cute cute

Anonymous said...

I adore the first dress to bits! Such a pretty colour :)

Our Youth said...

Oh my, how lovely :) x

Our Youth said...

PS: i love cute, little videosss.

NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

Hey Polly (:
I really love your photos! And your suitcases! I'd love to own one, it's hard to find them here. And ordering one from you i guess that would cost alot :/
Hope i will find a lovely suitcase one day!

Amber said...

i really do love your make up case. It was worth every penny in my book :)

miss teacups said...

your suitcases are wonderful. what a great collection. i wish i had room in my place for a vintage suitcase collection :) i do have a brown set from my grandparents that i adore...and some traincases as well!

also...that purple crochet dress in that first photo is absolutely freaking incredible!!!! if you ever want to sell it, you know where to find me :)

maggeygrace said...

I think I better get myself a darling little suitcase now.... no, really. Hahah. These are AMAZING!

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

i know you know these are my faves, i don't own a single special suitcase like them but always wanted to have a collection like this. my living vicariously is accomplished thanks to you and all your swell carry alongs!!! thanks for brightening my world with delights - each photo is magic. cool video idea too, the 1st one really made a pop and it is interesting how each opens in their own way. ♥

pea ess: loved your gust post on Gee's space, just tremendous!!! xo

Lauren Hairston said...

I really love the photograph with the yellow dress!

Alice Mary said...

Your obsession with suitcases is so cute! And I love how dedicated you seem to the photoshoots you make... They're all lovely :]

Kelly said...

The suitcase makes any photoshoot instantly more awesome!

(And I'm in love with that purple dress!)

Kelly said...

The suitcase makes any photoshoot instantly more awesome!

(And I'm in love with that purple dress!)

SDiB said...


we're growing, slowly but surely, a suitcase collection - oh to have one like yours! INCREDIBLE!

In love! SO glad we found your blog :) xx