Sponsor Giveaway: The Lovebot Factory

Meet Emily Kittybot. Jaco from The Lovebot Factory has been so kind to sew this cute little kitty bot just exclusively for my followers! Isn't she adorable? I'm in love with her!
My name is Jaco and I am the owner of The Lovebot Factory. I spend most of my time making these little bots out of fleece and felt, they really are my babies! I strive to make every Lovebot unique, even if it's only in a little tiny way. They all have their own personalities, likes, and faces (which I hand stitch myself). Above all, my Lovebots are kind and loving robots who simply want new best friends! Emily Kittybot is the second kittybot I've ever made and she is completely unique for The Littlest Polly followers! 
A little about Emily Kittybot: She is not shy or quiet, she is daring. She had no fear; Emily is unafraid of heights, clowns, even spiders! One thing she can never fulfill is her sense of adventure and thirst for knowledge. However, she is without a best friend to go on these adventures with.
to enter this giveaway:
1. visit The Lovebot Factory and paste the url of your favorite bot!
2. sign your name in the comments with your email
extra entries:
1. tweet this giveaway @mylittlepolly
2. blog about this giveaway and include the link to it.
3. follow my blog on gfc or bloglovin
4. like The Littlest Polly on facebook!
5. heart The Lovebot factory on etsy!
thank you so much to everyone who participates and especially to Jaco!
love, polly :)


Indigo said...

ohh I love this one!

I've liked you on facebook and followed your blog too! XX

Alice Jones said...

Awww SO cute! I love the Pierre Pandabot.

Erin Dawn said...

Marvin Looneybot is pretty awesome!

Amelia said...

oh this is so adorable! this one is my favorite

Amelia said...

also following you via gfc

Amelia said...

also hearted lovebot factory on etsy :)

Unknown said...

Love this one, it's adorable
xoxo Saige White

I also hearted her shop in etsy and liked you
on facebook! :)

Kel said...

I love Thomas!!


I follow you on bloglovin!

Jasmin said...

i love love love th nerdy one
-Jasmin Atkins :D

NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

Oh Gosh this is cute :D

Josephine said...

This is so adorable!

Christina R. Griffith said...

Super cute nerdbot!

Christina R. Griffith said...

Christina at Cookie Louise Pleaze

Alyssa Bee said...

So, so cute!!!

I love Pierre Pandabot :)


Cel said... Definitely my favourite one.

Cel camoflage31 AT hotmail DOT com

Yajaira said...

so cute

[Anna] said...

Oh my, thats one of the cutest things ever! really love the gwen kittybot one,

I also follow you on GFC ^-^


Anonymous said...

Hey Girlie, how are you?

My favorite bot is Gwen Kittybot:

Elia Marie

i follow your blog fo sho and on bloglovin. me like The Littlest Polly on facebook and me heart The Lovebot Factory on etsy.

Happy April 20th. Time to go eat.

Alycia said...
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Alycia said...

i'm also a follower with GFC <3

Alycia said...

i hearted on Etsy :)

Alycia said...

i also tweeted here:!/thecuriouspug/status/60753316929486848

thanks for the chance!

Meredith said...

I am in LOVE with Hyde Monsterbot (
Jaco is an amazing sewer. I love her work!

Meredith said...

Totally blogged about it here:

Anastasia said...

All of them are so cute!!!
but this one is my favourite...


Anastasia said...

I also blogged about it here:

x x x x

b said...

oh no! i went to the lovebot factory and they are on vacation! i do love emily kittybot, though!


b said...

i tweeted!!/brigitteee06/status/65439111451901952


b said...

i follow you via gfc!


b said...

i like the littlest polly on facebook!


b said...

i <3 the lovebot factory on etsy!


Jasmin said...

i tweeted!

Jasmin said...

I hearted the lovebot factory on etsy!

Jasmin said...

i blogged about it here!

The Cat Hag said...

The shop is currently closed so am unable to post the url of my favourite bot. :)

I love the one you are giving away. ♥

The Cat Hag

Ritsa said...

Hi! I am send here from Anastasias' blog
There is whole debate in her blog about that give-away! :-))

My favourite is this one:

VickyV said...

I am here due to too.
The lovebotfactory shop is closed (maybe everything is sold ^-^) so I cannot choose one.
I liked the Gwen Kitty, the orange one Anastasia suggested, but also this one is lovely...

Jasmin said...

i tweeted!!

Tori said...

Hi! I follow your blog. Emily Kittybot is sooo cute!:) My email address is

Also, my additional entries are liking you on FB and hearting the Lovebot factory on etsy. I really hope I win <3


Putdar said...

I really like this one -->


Putdar said...

I tweeted about it (@putdar)


Putdar said...

I'm a follower via GFC


Putdar said...

I liked you on Facebook