Outfit: It takes a fast car lady, to lead a double life

For the past few months I cannot stop listening to The Cars. The title of this post is from "Double Life" which I feel really relates to my personal life. It's almost as if I do lead a double life on this blog and then in real life. I like experimenting with different looks and feeling almost like a different person from time to time. It is kind of intriguing to step out of your body and into someone else's, right? My friend Elliott came to Montrose Beach with me yesterday to shoot these photos. The lighting isn't perfect but it actually doesn't bother me too much :) This is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year when the trees are blooming and everything is new. I hope you're having a lovely day! What's your favorite type of blooming tree? I think mine is pink and white Crab Apple! ALSO, who knew that Andy Warhol is in the "Hello Again" music video by The Cars?! 
I love this hat from Eugenia Kim! It came to me with the cutest personalized letter. It's made in the USA and 100% wool .

Outfit details: Hat: c/o Eugenia Kim
Dress: Retro 101 in St. Louis, MO
Gloves and shoes: vintage
Celluloid Brooch: Gift from my Grandma Kutch
love, polly


carla ortega said...

the make up is stunning! and looking so cute with the flowers trees <3

Johnson211 said...

She looks so pretty and quite special <3 I really like her photos