Paulie Antiques April Floral Designs

 Yesterday I searched two floral wholesalers for some gems to give to my friends Austin and Delaney. Austin's mom Chris is a doll and commissioned me to design them this little gem! Their apartment is painted pink and purple so I knew these colors were going to be a great in their space. Of course I had to include a king pink protea as the focal point of the arrangement per usual. I also found some really beautiful light purple (strangely metallic-looking) tulips and pink tulip/peony hybrids which I had no idea existed. Wax flower gave it a nice fragrance as well as palm fronds which made it look exotic. My favorite part is being able to put blooming branches in there, as well. Happy Tuesday!
love, polly


Unknown said...

Such a beautiful post, super gorgeous I love it!

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awhite said...

Gorgeous blooms!

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