Outfit: Lady Lilac

 WOW... I am so incredibly obsessed with lilacs this year! It's a new obsession for me as there is a very large lilac bush not far from my studio. I always walk to the bush with my sheers and a couple of bags to harvest some lilac blooms. Alas, lilac season is almost over! The stems are so thick and woody and they always drink a bunch of water. They don't last long before wilting, but they have the most fragrant smell and beautiful purple blooms! What flower is your favorite?

Outfit Deatils: Skirt, heels, train case, blouse & gloves- vintage and thrifted
socks and hat- American Apparel
love, polly


Krystal Clear said...

Gorgeous. I adore Dahlias for their texture and varying colors options! They just make me happy!

Sammi said...

So beautiful, Polly! Lilacs are actually my favorite flower – I can almost smell them through the screen! :)

Andyandra said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the photos, your vintage look and of course the lilacs :)

Sarah Oh So Kawaii Xoxo said...

Those heels are just adorable. As far as flowers go I'm really fond of Oriental lilies. The pink ones are just so pretty ^_^

<3 Sarah | Oh So Kawaii

Margarita Bloom said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! I love the dreamy.

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